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Page 41

“Why?” she groaned with a little whimper that had him smiling as he pressed a kiss to her chest.

“Because it’s my turn,” he said, kissing his way down between her breasts.

“Your turn for what?” she asked, sounding a little dazed as he cupped her breasts and gave them a light squeeze.

He kissed his way to her right breast, gently suckling the side of her breast as he went. His hand tightened around her large breast as he reached the firm nipple begging for his attention. He licked around it, kissed the tip, flicked it with his tongue, pulled it into his mouth and suckled on the hard tip as he ran his palm over the other nipple, teasing it into a firm point.

“Danny,” she moaned his name, shifting restlessly beneath him.

“Does this feel good, sweetheart?” he asked as he allowed her nipple to slip free from his mouth.

“Yes,” she moaned, swallowing audibly before she added, “do it again.”

Chuckling, he worked his way to her other breast, kissing and licking as he went, savoring every moan that escaped her beautiful mouth. He gently squeezed her breast, holding it as he ran his tongue around the nipple before he pulled it into his mouth and gently tugged it between his teeth. He worked her other nipple between the fingers of his free hand as he squeezed her breast.

God, she felt so fucking good.

But, he knew that she would feel better in a minute. He gave her breast one last squeeze before he trailed his hand down the soft swell of her stomach, over her hip and down her leg until he came to her knee. He moved his hand behind her knee and pulled her leg aside. He trailed his fingers back up her thigh until he came to the soft thatch of hair between her legs.

“Please make this good, please make this good, please make this good,” he heard her whispering softly, pleading, and he couldn’t say that he blamed her, not after what she’d been through with that prick.

“I’ll make this good,” he promised her as he moved his hand and cupped her. God, she was so soft, so warm and wet in his hand.

He suckled the firm nipple in his mouth as he moved his palm over her, loving the way she felt, the way her lips parted each time his hand moved over her, exposing her slit and making it easier for him to slide his middle finger inside her.

“Oh, God!”

He pressed down harder, making sure to rub the greedy little clit brushing up against his palm as he thrust his finger inside her. She was fucking wet and tight, greedily squeezing his finger. Moaning, he abandoned her breast and kissed his way down her stomach. He dropped to his knees in front of the bed as he removed his hand.

“Danny, please don’t stop!” Jodi sobbed, shifting restlessly on the edge of the bed.

“Shhh, I’m not done,” he said soothingly as he leaned down and kissed one thigh and then the other.

A strangled gasp escaped her as he leaned forward and pressed his lips against her slit so he kissed her again, using his tongue to separate her folds. He ran his tongue over her core and the swollen clit begging for his attention. He lapped at it, loving the way she rolled her hips against his mouth.

“Danny, please…..,” she moaned, threading her fingers through his hair, holding his mouth against her.

He turned his head and shifted his attention to her core. He licked around her opening, making her moan as he slid his tongue inside her, damn near coming when her sheath tightened around his tongue and squeezed. He could only imagine how good she was going to feel wrapped around his cock when he fucked her.

His hand actually shook as he reached between his legs and palmed his erection. He wanted her. God, he fucking wanted her. He gripped his cock and stroked himself, trying to take the edge off his need for her, but it didn’t work. With every moan and shift of her hips, she had him struggling to stay in control. He wanted to fuck her……..needed to be inside her, but he fought it with everything that he had.

This was too important to fuck up. He wanted her, not just for the night, but for the rest of his life. This was the woman that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with and he wasn’t about to fuck it up because he wanted to-

“Fuck me,” Jodi moaned, causing his hand to tighten around his cock. “Please, Danny!”

“No,” he practically snarled against her slit as he hungrily licked her out.


“We’re going slow!”

“I don’t want to go slow!”

“We’re going slow!” he snapped against her slit as he was forced to tighten his fist around his cock to stop himself from coming too soon. He might not allow himself to come inside her, but he would damn well be coming with her.




“Danny, please!” she sobbed around a moan as she shifted wildly beneath his mouth.

He groaned against her as he shifted his attention back to her core and slid his tongue back inside. He licked her out, sliding his tongue inside her, ignoring the tight grip she had on his hair and the urge to come.

This was for her.

He didn’t care how much pain he was in, or how badly he needed to come. He needed to do this for her. He needed to give this to her.

“That feels so good!”

He doubled his efforts, his hand tightened around his cock as he licked and suckled her clit, loving every moan and gasp that filled the small bedroom. He felt her sheath tighten around his tongue, heard her gasp and moan his name, and when he felt her clamp down around his tongue and heard her scream his name, he groaned in relief as he released his hold and let go.

As the tremors of his orgasm tore through him he realized something very important, taking it slow was going to kill him.

Chapter 27

As she carefully closed the door behind her, she realized that yes, yes she was in fact sneaking out of her own apartment. She winced when the door made a slight clicking noise as she locked it behind her.

For about thirty seconds she stood there, frozen on the spot as she waited for a sign that Danny had heard that. When she didn’t hear anything, she waited an extra fifteen seconds just to make sure that she was in the clear. Relief surged through her as she stepped away from her door and quickly, yet quietly, made her way towards the front door where freedom awaited her.

God, she couldn’t believe that she was doing this.

Okay, so that wasn’t exactly true. She could completely believe that she was sneaking out of her own apartment the morning after fooling around with one of the hottest men that she’d ever seen. Last night had been…….


There was no other way to describe it. She’d never been more nervous or more excited in her life than last night. She’d been terrified that she would do or say something wrong, to wreck the moment and bring reality crashing down on her. Instead, she’d had an incredibly sexy man panting and begging her to keep touching him.

She couldn’t help but grin smugly as she reached for the doorknob and-

Frowned when the door wouldn’t open.

She tried to turn the knob again, but it wouldn’t budge. She even checked the lock, but it wouldn’t open. Making a mental note to call Zoe later, she turned around and quietly walked back down the hall, making sure to be extra quiet as she walked past her apartment door. She threw a cautious glance over her shoulder and-

Groaned pathetically when she realized that she was trying to make her escape without her purse and lunch bag. She stopped walking as she considered her options. She could walk to work, skip lunch and fill up on water from the bubbler all day and call one of the guys for a ride home later or……

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