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“We’re taking it slow,” Danny ground out, one hand beneath her shirt, caressing her bare breast while his other hand shoved its way down the back of her pants, snaked beneath her panties and cupped her ass.

“We are taking it slow,” she reminded him, grinding as hard as she could against the large bulge in his pants that had been driving her out of her mind for the past month.

They were taking things very slowly, indeed. For the first month they’d kept it to short kisses stolen during their dates and even longer kisses goodnight. At some point in the last four weeks she’d found herself climbing onto his lap, grinding down on him and….enjoying it.

It had surprised her just how much she’d enjoyed it. She liked everything about him, from the way that his hand felt wrapped around hers, the way his lips felt against her skin, the way his hands moved over her, the way he held her, the way he made her heart race and made her gasp. Over the past two months he’d surprised and amazed her. He treated her like she was the most precious thing in the world to him.

He took her out on romantic dates, which usually ended in disaster, but left her smiling each and every time. He’d taken her on a romantic dinner cruise, taught her how to play laser tag, took her to play paintball in the woods, taught her to play basketball, taken her to a concert, picnics, cooked her dinner, surprised her at her temporary office at City Hall most days with lunch, and just made her smile. It didn’t matter if he was burning dinner or accidentally setting his apartment on fire when he tried to surprise her with a candlelit dinner, he just had a way about him that made her smile.

Danny still irritated her from time to time, but now he apologized before she got a chance to come up with another way to get rid of the body. When he pissed her off, and he still did that frequently, he brought her flowers, chocolate and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s to make up for it along with a sincere apology and a promise to try to stop being an asshole.

“Jodi,” he groaned loudly, making her smile because he only called her by her first name when he was nearing the point of no return. The point where he came close to saying the hell with it and forgetting his plans to take this slowly.

“We should stop,” she said, panting as she pulled back only to moan as he followed the move with his mouth and began licking and suckling her neck. She laid back against the steering wheel, pulled her legs up until they were bent and she’d shifted until her bottom was rubbing against the hard bulge in Danny’s pants. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and groaned as he moved his hands to her hips.

“You feel so fucking good,” he groaned against her neck as he tightened his grip on her hip and moved her, shifting her back and forth across his lap.

She moaned loudly as she closed her eyes and allowed her head to drop back against the windshield as she lost herself in his touch.

“Are you wet for me?” he asked, moving her harder against him.

The only response she could manage was a moan, but it seemed to be the answer that he was looking for because he rewarded her with a hard rub.

“I bet you’re soaking wet, Jodi. I’d also be willing to bet that you’d be tight for me,” he growled against her skin, his hands moving her in a rhythm that had her gasping for air and grinding down on him harder. “I bet sliding inside you would feel better than-”

A hard knock at the driver’s side window interrupted whatever he was going to say and had her groaning pathetically and whimpering a bit as she buried her face against his chest, struggling to catch her breath and for the second time in her life, contemplating throttling someone with her bare hands.

Before she could move off Danny’s lap, not that she was really capable of doing that at the moment, the driver’s side door was thrown open and Greg, looking seriously pissed, was standing there, glaring at them.

“You said you were coming right back,” Greg bit out evenly.

“Oh, umm, sorry, I just got distracted for a minute,” she said, blinking.

“A minute?” Greg repeated back in disbelief. “You’ve been out here for over an hour!”

“Oh, ummm, well,” she muttered, glancing at the clock on the dashboard and trying not to wince. “I was just on my way back inside,” she lied, shooting him a smile and not quite able to meet his eyes as she hastily climbed off Danny’s lap and-

Was pulled right back onto his lap and thoroughly kissed. “Come over after your friends call it a night?” he asked, teasingly brushing his lips against hers. “We’ll watch really bad 80’s horror flicks, devour a pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and finish what we started?”

She rolled her eyes as she climbed off his lap, already knowing that they wouldn’t finish what they’d started and she wasn’t going to get more than a spoonful of ice cream before he devoured the entire pint of ice cream. “I’m only coming over if I get my own pint of ice cream,” she said, pretending that she just had a craving for ice cream and wasn’t planning on devouring an entire pint of ice cream with the hopes that all that sugar and yumminess would make her forget how badly she wanted to jump him.


“I’ll see you later, Tinkerbelle,” he whispered softly against her lips.

“Have fun at dinner,” she whispered right back, stepping away from him as she gave him one of those sweetly shy smiles that he loved before she turned around and headed towards the front door, leaving him with Greg.

The bastard that was staring at Tinkerbelle’s ass like it was a delicious morsel that he couldn’t wait to take a bite out of. It was the same way that all her guy friends now looked at her.

“Not going to happen,” he said, leaning back against his seat as he regarded the man that up until a few months ago had never looked at Tinkerbelle as anything more than a cute kid sister.

“You never know,” Greg murmured, his eyes still locked on Tinkerbelle’s retreating ass as it swayed slightly from side to side.

“I know,” he said, chuckling darkly as he sat back and clipped his seatbelt. He shut his door, turned the engine on and wasn’t surprised when the knock came at his window a minute later.

“I’ve known her longer,” Greg said before the window was all the way down.

Danny looked straight ahead, nodding thoughtfully. “That’s true, but that also means that your chance has come and gone.”

“Maybe,” Greg murmured, “maybe not.”

“You planning on finding out?” he asked, his humor quickly fading even as his respect for the man rose.

“Maybe,” Greg said, turning to shoot him a grin, “maybe not.”

Danny nodded slowly, reaching for his door handle. “You on duty?”

Greg’s grin grew bigger. “Nope.”

“Good to know.”



“Not a word!” she yelled, slapping an ice pack against Greg’s face.


“And stop being a baby!” she snapped, grabbing the bloody paper towel and band aid wrappers as she stormed across the kitchen, slammed her foot down on the trashcan pedestal a little harder than was probably necessary and threw the trash away. Shaking her head in disgust, she walked over to the sink and turned the hot water on.

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