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His hand was a poor substitution for the real thing, but for now it would have to do. He wasn’t going to fuck this up by letting his cock call the shots. He was going to take things slowly with Jodi, making sure that she couldn’t imagine her life without him. Only then would he give in and take her, but for now, he was going to stick with his game plan.

Chapter 19

“Wake up,” a deep, sexy voice that she vaguely recognized said, drawing her away from her dream just as things were getting good, adding to her frustration.

She cracked one eye open to see who it was only to promptly close it and say, “Get out.”

“Sorry, sweetheart, but we’re not leaving until we have a talk,” Trevor’s cousin, Jason said.

“Out,” she grumbled, hugging the throw pillow as she turned over and snuggled beneath her blanket, determined to return to the dream where Danny was making all her fantasies come true.

“Let’s go, Jodi. Rise and shine,” Trevor said as her comfy blanket was suddenly yanked away from her.

She blindly reached for it, managing to grab it only to end up getting dragged off the couch. She landed on the floor with an ooof. She opened her eyes to find Trevor and Jason standing over her, casually sipping their coffee as they regarded her with twin expressions of amusement.

“Now that you’re up, we can have ourselves a little chat,” Trevor said, sitting on the couch that she’d been happily sleeping on less than a minute ago.

Sighing, she stood up and brushed off her clothes and said, “Get out.”

With that, she headed to the bathroom. Ten minutes later her teeth and hair were brushed, her face was washed, she’d relieved herself and she was positive that her unwanted guests had shown themselves to the door.

“Ready for that talk now, princess?” Trevor asked as she opened her bathroom door.

“No, so get out,” she said around a yawn as she headed to her kitchen. She didn’t have to look back to know that she was being followed by two very large annoying men.

While she pointedly ignored them and started making coffee for herself, the only thing that would save them from a brutal death, they sat at the table and sipped their coffee. Accepting the fact that they weren’t leaving anytime soon and used to dealing with men hanging out in her apartment, she pulled out all the ingredients to make pancakes and set to work.

“We want to know what your intentions towards our cousin are,” Jason announced, taking a sip of coffee as he watched her work.

She stopped mid-whisk and looked up to find both men staring at her intently. “You can’t be serious.”

“Very,” Trevor said evenly.

Jason nodded firmly in agreement.

“You do realize that I’ve only been on one date with him, don’t you?” she asked as she turned on her electric griddle and dropped a spoonful of butter on the surface.

“Four dates,” Trevor said distractedly as he watched her work.

“What are you doing?” Jason asked, licking his lips hungrily as the butter began to melt.

“Making pancakes,” she answered, wondering why they felt the need to have the “talk” with her.

“For us?” Trevor asked, sitting up straighter in his chair as he watched her spoon batter onto the hot surface.

“Well, that depends,” she said, watching them closely as she leaned back against the counter and crossed her arms over her chest.

“On what?” Jason asked, barely able to take his eyes off the griddle as the pancake batter rose.

“On whether or not Zoe knows that you’re here,” she said, watching their reaction closely. When Trevor winced, she had her answer.

“I see,” she murmured thoughtfully as she walked over to the kitchen island and picked up her cell phone.

“What are you doing?” Trevor asked nervously.

“Nothing much,” she murmured, searching through her contacts until she found Zoe’s phone number. After she sent Zoe a quick text she realized that she didn’t have Danny’s phone number, but that wasn’t a problem.

She flipped the pancakes, waited until they were done and then split them between two plates. After she added more butter and batter to the griddle she walked out of the kitchen. She wasn’t surprised when the men didn’t follow this time since Jason was busy devouring both plates of pancakes while Trevor did a half-assed job of explaining to his wife why he’d dragged another woman out of bed. She walked out her front door and across the hallway where she knocked on Danny’s door.

A minute later he was standing in his doorway wearing a pair of unbuttoned jeans, a sleepy smile and looking incredibly sexy first thing in the morning.

“I just thought you should know that two of your cousins are in my apartment eating the pancakes that I’d planned on surprising you with,” she said with a shrug before he had a chance to say anything.

His sleepy smile quickly faded only to be replaced with a grim frown a second later as he walked past her and headed straight for her apartment. She took her time following him, deciding that it was probably for the best if she wasn’t within throwing distance of them since she’d seen firsthand how badly things could end when the men in this family had a disagreement over food.

“Those are my pancakes, you bastard!”



“No, don’t do-”

Seconds later everything went quiet. Afraid that things had gone too far, she walked into the kitchen in time to see Danny yank his cousins off the floor and in a move that had her brows shooting up in astonishment, twisted their arms behind their backs and used his hold on them to force them to walk.

“You’ll regret this, you son of a bitch!” Trevor snapped as Danny calmly escorted him and a pouting Jason past her. He paused briefly next to her so that he could lean down and plant a quick kiss on her stunned lips. “I’ll be back in a minute.”

“O-okay,” she mumbled, not exactly sure what the correct response was and after a slight pause she shrugged it off, decided that she really didn’t care as long as he got rid of her interrogators.

She walked back into the kitchen in time to flip the pancakes and add a little more batter to the griddle. While she waited for them to cook she cleaned up the small mess the men had left behind, grabbed another clean plate, another bottle of maple syrup and more butter. She’d just shut off the griddle and started removing the pancakes when two large arms wrapped around her and pulled her back against a rather large warm body.

“I’m sorry,” Danny said, pressing a very distracting kiss against her neck.

“It’s fine,” she said, wondering if he’d noticed the way that she couldn’t stop trembling every time he touched her.

“They won’t be bothering you again,” he said, pressing another kiss against her neck. Since she had a feeling that his cousins weren’t done interrogating her, she didn’t say anything.

“What are your plans for lunch?” he asked, pressing another kiss against her neck.

“I’ll be spending this lovely Sunday afternoon boxing up whatever’s left at the library,” she said, adding the last pancake to the stack and stepped out of his arms, gesturing to the plate of pancakes.

“What about you?” he asked, frowning down at the plate stacked high with pancakes.

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