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Page 91

"Fine!" she snapped as she started to blindly, yet carefully, slide backwards towards the tree trunk. "I'll climb down!"

"Do that and I'll just put you right back up there," he promised.

She let out a frustrated scream as she stopped. "I hate you!"

"Uh huh," he said, absently scratching his bare chest as he considered grabbing a bag of blood or two since this promised to be a long night.

"She's going to kill you when she gets down here," one of the females that had begged him earlier to f**k her said as she threw him a glare.

"That's the beauty of being me," he said with a snort. "She can try all she wants, but it's never going to happen."

The woman rolled her eyes as she focused her attention back on Danni. After a little while a few of the shifters got bored and went to fire up their laptops and check the score of the game, but most of them upped the bets.

"Okay," Danni said with a shaky voice and he nearly sighed with relief, that is until she added, "I promise a night of hot, mind blowing sex to whoever gets me down from here and keeps the deranged Pyte from doing this again," Danni said, taking everyone by surprise.

Not even ten seconds later, Jax was shoving about a dozen males out of his way as he rushed towards the tree. A few seconds later when his mate's betrayal registered in his mind he was throwing the betraying bastard out of his way and making his way towards her. He had her in his arms and safely on the ground in seconds and not too long after that he was dropping her on her ass in their tent while he raced to free his erection before it burst through his pants so that they could get started with the mind blowing sex.

"Jerk!" she snapped as she dropped the rest of the way onto the sleeping bag and curled up into the fetal position.

For a moment he kneeled there awkwardly with his erection straining towards her. "What about the sex?"

Her answer was a glare as she flipped him off.

"Is that a no?" he asked, unsure if she was just taking a few minutes to rest before she followed through with her promise or if she was reneging on her promise.

When she shot him a double one finger salute he had his answer.

He stared in disbelief at the little tease for a moment before he dropped his eyes down to his poor erection that needed her and back to her before he shrugged. "Okay, you're going back in the tree, you little liar."

Chapter 45

"Someone.....," she took a deep breath as she rolled over onto her back, uncaring that the little rocks and sticks were digging into her skin, "kill him.....please."

Caine frowned down at her. "I don't remember you being this much of a wimp. Is this a new development?"

Still gasping, she turned her head slightly to the left and sent Jax, who looked torn between being amused and concerned, a pleading look, but he simply shrugged as he focused his attention back to packing up his truck.

Great, she was on her own with the sadistic bastard who wouldn't leave her alone. She still couldn't believe that he stuck her up in a tree, not once, but twice. Promising the man sex only to take it back before she was able to get her bearings had been a foolish move. He'd placed her back in that tree and promised her that she was staying there until she either fell or jumped.

She fell.

Stupid squirrel, she thought again as she tried to roll over onto her side and failed miserably. Why the hell was she so exhausted and sore? Oh, that's right. The big jerk frowning down at her was the reason. When she failed to float as they called it, even though she much preferred to think of it as semi-flying, because she was too busy screaming her ass off he'd gotten a little pissed. He took it as a personal insult that she couldn't do it.

From there he'd been determined to make sure that she could not only do her other abilities, but master them, immediately. When he tried to see how strong she was by having her lift a van she'd succeeded, but unfortunately she got so excited that she could do it that she did a little happy dance, tripped and accidentally threw it at him. No matter what he said when he came to minutes later, or everyone else said for that matter it was an accident.

When he jumped to his feet and went after her, she had to admit that she did master that little ability pretty quickly. For all of sixty seconds it had been pretty cool to see things flashing past her while she ran from the enraged Pyte. Unfortunately for her, she hadn't seen the oak tree in front of her while she'd been enjoying her new ability. Thankfully she didn't pass out, well, she didn't remember doing it, but everyone around her said she had when she managed to open her eyes again.

From there it only got worse. Caine became the drill sergeant from hell. He made her practice speed, lifting, jumping, more running and kept threatening to put her ass back up in that tree when all she wanted to do was get a shot at kicking his ass, now more than ever. She'd give anything for a chance to kick his ass, anything and if she couldn't have that she'd very much like some more blood and a really comfy bed and no interruptions for the next forty-eight hours.

"You're pale," Caine said, his frown morphing into concern.

"Because you're an ass**le," she managed to say as she closed her eyes and focused on trying to stop panting, but it was difficult. Should she be having this many problems as a Pyte? She didn't think so, but then again she also didn't think forcing her to run two hours straight to test her endurance had been very helpful either.

"Ow!" Her eyes snapped open to glare at the jerk as he leaned forward and lightly licked the drop of blood forming on the tip of her finger off. She opened her mouth to ask him what his damn problem was when he cringed, turned his head and spat out her blood.

Well, that was kind of insulting.

"Stronger?" Jax asked, pausing in mid-throw of a wrapped up tent. When Caine nodded grimly, Jax sighed heavily, dropped the tent to the ground and walked over to her and plopped down on the ground next to her.

"Here," he said, holding out his wrist to her. "Just be gentle, I'm fragile."

Still panting, Danni turned her head towards Caine and cocked an eyebrow in question.

He sighed as he grabbed Jax's wrist. "We wanted to see if the cancer became stronger when you pushed yourself too far or if using your abilities would help your body fight back against it," he explained as his fangs slid down.

"Ow! I said gentle, you ass**le!" Jax snapped as he pulled his wrist away. When Caine growled the man rolled his eyes and offered his bleeding wrist to her.

She slapped it away. "You decided to test this theory behind my back? Why the hell didn't you tell me all this before you let this jerk shift and chase me all over the damn forest!" she snapped, feeling weaker by the minute.

"It wouldn't have made a difference," Caine said as he grabbed Jax's wrist and placed it right back in front of her.

"Well, she might not have thrown those rocks at me," Jax mused as he gave his wrist a little wiggle, trying to entice a reaction out of her.

She shot the man a glare. "Maybe if you hadn't been trying to bite my ass every other minute I wouldn't have had to throw those rocks at you!" she snapped, thankful that the damn shifter only caught up to her twice and the small nips he left on her bottom had healed already. That didn't mean that she wanted to do that again. She really didn't. In fact, being chased by a werewolf hell bent on nibbling on her ass ranked somewhere along the lines of being placed in a tree and left to fall by an insane Pyte.

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