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"Just sleep, baby. When you wake up this will all be over," Caine promised and for the first time in years she gave her trust over to another person.

Chapter 41

"What is she?" the doctor asked, again.

Caine ignored his question and asked one of his own. "Is the cancer gone yet?" They'd been locked up in the room for five hours trying to feed Danni, stretch out their blood with human blood, and telling the f**king cops who wouldn't take a hint to get lost.

Before the man could answer, the pounding at the door started up again. "Dr. Philips, this is the police! Open up!"

Instead of yelling for help, the man shot a glare at the door. "I already told you that I'm with a patient!" he snapped, not sounding too happy with the interruption.

"Check quickly, doc," Jax said as he snapped the lock off the large bay window, that was probably meant to keep the room sunny to distract the blood donors from thinking about the needle shoved in their arms, and slid it open.

With a frown the man did as he was asked. Caine scented the air and nearly groaned. There were about fifteen men on the other side of that door and they needed to get out of here before things got any worse.

"The tissue appears to be gone," the doctor said as he gently moved the handheld device down between Danni's br**sts, leaving a trail of gel behind. "It's amazing," the man said and the only reason Caine didn't rip his throat out then and there was because he knew the man was talking about Danni's recovery and not her br**sts.

"Thanks for your help, Doc," he said, tossing the red cooler filled with bagged blood to Jax.

"Meet you outside," Jax said, shifting the cooler in his arms as he stepped up onto the windowsill.

"What the hell are you doing?" the doctor demanded, moving to stop Jax. "We're three floors up."

With a chuckle, Jax jumped.

Since the man hadn't pissed him off he decided to let him live. "Come on, beautiful," he said softly as he wrapped a thick hospital blanket around his beautiful mate and picked her up.

"Where the hell is he?" the doctor asked as he peered out the window.

"Gone," Caine said as he hopped up onto the windowsill.

"Stop!" the doctor yelled, reaching out to stop him, but Caine was already moving to jump and the men outside the door were done waiting. Before he reached the ground he heard the door slam open and the men run into the room.

He hit the small patch of grass, running and didn't stop until he spotted Jax's navy blue SUV. He'd barely managed to jump in the backseat before Jax hit the gas.

"You're going to have to hide out with us for a little while," Jax said as the sounds of sirens drew closer.

As much as he would love to have a little help nursing Danni back to health he couldn't do that to Jax or his pack. They'd helped him with his mate and were now relocating because of them. They'd done enough.

"Just get me to a motel and lend me some money and I'll owe you one," he said as he looked down at Danni just as she curled into him and let out a little content sigh.

"Don't be stupid, Caine. You're going to need help."

He opened his mouth to argue, but Jax cut him off. "She's weak, really f**king weak and from what you've told me you've got a shitload of trouble coming your way. My pack will be able to change tonight and tomorrow we're going to figure out what to do. We can guard her and while I'm regaining my strength you can help protect my pack," Jax said, knowing just what to say to make him fold.

Jax was weakened thanks to them and until he got a little rest and had a chance to shift he wouldn't be able to protect his pack if they'd led trouble to Jax's doorstep. He also liked the idea of having extra help to protect Danni.

"In the morning you can feed off my pack and regain your strength and get Danni back to normal," Jax added, sealing the deal.

"Fine. Two days should be more than enough," he agreed as he gently picked up Danni's hand and brought her finger to his mouth. He gently pricked the finger with the tip of his fang before swiping the drop that formed up with his tongue. When the flavor hit him he nearly gagged.

"Still there?"

"Yeah, but not as strong," he said, pressing a kiss to the tip of Danni's rapidly healing finger in apology for causing it harm before he placed her hand back beneath the blanket.

"I guess we're going to have to help her along," Jax said with a resigned sigh.

"It's going to take all night and a hell of a lot of blood to wash this out of her system."

"Sounds like fun," Jax said with a groan.

He doubted that anything they did in the next twenty-four hours was going to be fun, but at least he'd have his mate back.


Ten more minutes and she'd get up, she thought sleepily as she rolled over on the rather firm mattress. Not even a minute later she was fully awake, throwing the covers off of her and making a mad dash for what appeared to be a tent opening.

Thankfully it wasn't zipped closed because at that moment precious seconds counted. She stumbled out of the tent, catching her knee in the oversized tee shirt someone dressed her in and nearly landed face first in the mud as the scents of sex and shifter hit her hard. A quick look around to take in her surroundings had her frowning and then nearly gasping as the urge to find a bathroom tripled.

Why the hell did she feel like she was about to burst? she wondered as she stumbled through the camp, trying to avert her eyes away from the na**d shifters making out or worse as she tried to get her ass to the cover of the nearby trees before she embarrassed herself. An erotic moan and a familiar scent had her head whipping to the left and locking on the couple across the small opening.

What she saw had her seeing red, literally.

A na**d woman writhed in Caine's arms as he held her from behind. Danni watched in disbelief as the woman licked her lips and grinded her bottom back against Caine as she ran her hands over her br**sts and between her legs. The scent of the woman's arousal was so thick that she nearly choked on it.

That son of-

Tree, she definitely needed to find a tree and soon. Then she was so out of here.

What. An. Ass, she thought as she abruptly turned and switched directions so that she could storm off in the other direction. She quickly found a tree to hide behind and relieved her bladder. Once that was done she continued moving her ass as she put as much space between her and the ass**le as she possibly could.

She actually thought that she meant something to him. It was a moment of stupidity on her part. If he didn't care about her then that was fine with her, she decided as she carefully scented the air, making sure that there weren't any humans around since she really didn't feel like having a repeat of the other day. When she didn't smell anything other than dirt, grass, trees and the lingering scents of animals and shifters she decided to keep moving her ass.

Caine could go f**k him-

His deep chuckle of amusement as she let out another one of those embarrassing squeals simply pissed her off as he threw her over his shoulder and kept on going.

"A bath sounds like a great idea, Danni," he said, sounding amused and happy.

She rolled her eyes as she slapped her hands on his jean encased ass and moved to get off his shoulder and get a face full of dirt when he slapped her ass, shocking the hell out of her and making her squirm in a not so unpleasant way, which she promptly ignored.

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