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Page 47

Just thinking about another woman touching him had her fangs throbbing for release and her vision sharpening. She wanted to claw the eyes out of any woman who so much as dared to look at Caine. Every time her body screamed that he was hers she shoved the unwanted possessive feelings aside and forced herself to focus. She needed to get out of here and away from Caine because the way she was starting to feel about him, needing him, wanting him and craving him more than her next breath was truly starting to frighten her.

She didn't get this way over guys, never had. She'd always chosen men that understood that her job was her first priority in life, training second and everything else was a distant third. With Caine around it was hard to think about anything other than tearing his clothes off and as much as she'd like to lay blame on this transformation, she couldn't. If she was going to be honest with herself, and she realized that it was a little late in the game to start doing that, she would admit that she started to want him before he turned her. Once he turned her, everything she'd been feeling for him seemed to multiply by a thousand and it was all she could do not to jump him.

When did she get this pathetic? she wondered as she paused to look around and get her bearings. She had absolutely no idea where she was, but she was hoping to come across a house or two, preferably a house with some clothes drying outside on the line.

Sticking by the road instead of cutting through the woods would have been more logical, but then again she was a woman dressed only in a ripped shirt and she really didn't need any more bullshit tonight so she opted for the woods. Hopefully her new senses would kick in and she would-

She stumbled when Caine stepped out of a particularly thick copse of trees in front of her. His red eyes were brighter than she'd ever seen before as they locked on her. Every muscle in his impressive body was flexed as if readying for battle. For a moment he stood there simply staring at her, frightening her and God help, exciting her more than she thought was humanly possible.

"No one touches what's mine," he bit out harshly as he stood there, panting hard as he watched her in a way that made her legs tremble harder and her ni**les swell up.

"I'm not yours, Caine," she said, ignoring the odd pleasure that his possessive tone made surge through her body. She wasn't his. She was her own person, well Pyte now, and she would figure things out on her own. She wasn't an idiot. She knew that he would go back to treating her like a leper when the deed was done.

It didn't matter how badly she wanted him or how that kiss they'd shared only moments earlier had left her wet and aching. She had more pride than that. Let him go find another woman, she thought as she shoved down a surge of jealously that threatened to take her over and make her lose her damn mind. She would go find another man and work Caine out of her system. He wasn't the only hot guy in the world and the way she was feeling about him was only a result of being held captive with him. She also didn't need to settle for a guy that was drugged out his mind. She bet as soon as she touched another man that she would forget about-

A startled gasp left her lips as she suddenly found herself in Caine's arms. Before she could open her mouth to tell him to put her down, he flashed them through the woods and within seconds had her reclining back on the sloped side of a smooth bolder.

"What the hell is your problem?" she snapped as she pushed herself up into a sitting position only to fall back on the boulder with a loud moan when Caine leaned forward and pressed a soft kiss between her legs.

"You belong to me, Danni," he bit out evenly as he pressed another tender kiss against her moist lips. "And I protect what's mine."

Chapter 23

Holy hell, she was dripping wet and he was barely managing to keep bloodlust at bay. He would never hurt her like that, not Danni. It didn't matter how much his c**k hurt at the moment or how badly he needed to slide inside of her, he was going to take his time with her. He just hoped that he didn't slip into bloodlust while he doing it.

He pressed another kiss against her slit, closing his eyes as he inhaled her scent. She smelled sweeter than the berries he used to pick as a child. He palmed her smooth thighs and pushed her legs further apart to present him with a view that he would kill for and something he fully planned to keep for himself. After they got out of here he was planting her ass at the top of a large mountain where the closest man was at least two hundred miles away.

With a pained groan he slowly licked away her juices and was pleased when that little action made her even wetter. Never in a million years would he have guessed that Danni was this responsive. It made him wonder how she'd respond when he slid his c**k inside of her and he would, soon. There was nothing on this earth that was going to tear him away from this woman, not now, not after everything he'd been through.

Danni was his reward for all the bullshit he'd gone through, the torture, the anger, hatred and the bitter loneliness. She was going to be the band-aid for his tortured soul. Just knowing that she was safely tucked away waiting for him was going to make it easier to deal with the never ending bullshit that was his life. She'd always be waiting for him and that was absolutely perfect for him.

He didn't want any old responsibilities hanging around his neck and there was no denying that Danni was an old responsibility, one that he currently planned on f**king until neither one of them could move, but an old responsibility nonetheless. When she was a child he promised to take care of her forever and that's exactly what he planned on doing.

She would never want for anything in her very long life again, but most importantly she would be out of the reach of power hungry Masters and vengeful shifters and demons. He could go off and not have to worry about her doing something asinine that was going to result in her getting caught.

Actually, now that he thought about it, changing her was perfect. Knowing that she was safe actually took a great deal of pressure off his shoulders. He'd always worried about her and most days he'd struggled with keeping his distance and giving her space to live her life. Of course, now that he knew what she was doing with all that space he couldn't help but want to take the stubborn woman over his lap and give her the spanking he always promised her when she was a child. Then again he rather liked the idea of spanking her beautiful ass, preferably while he was sliding inside of her so that he could feel her quiver around him.

"The drugs are starting to wear off," Danni suddenly announced even as she moaned, confusing the hell out of him for a moment. What the hell was she talking about? he wondered. He looked up and met her beautiful red eyes as she sat up. She watched him curiously as he continued to lap at her slit.

"What are you talking about?" he asked, only pausing his ministrations long enough to ask that question and then he was back to work.

Danni licked her lips hungrily as she watched him. "The scent of your arousal has weakened," she said, gently rolling her h*ps against his mouth in silent demand for him to keep working, something he was more than happy to do.

"The scent," she said, panting slightly which pleased him so he made damn sure to tease the tip of cl*t with his tongue, "of your arousal isn't as strong."

He chuckled at that announcement. His dick was hard enough to slice through a diamond and more than ready to prove her wrong. Licking her out was probably turning him on more than anything else ever had. Hell, he could do this all day, he thought as he slid his tongue inside of her.

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