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Page 40

"DANNI!" came another roar and this time she barely ducked out of the way in time before a broken piece of tile popped off the wall and came flying her way.

Maybe she would hold off on that snack until later, she decided as she rounded the corner and found herself face to face with a small army of minions and vampires blocking what she hoped was an exit. She automatically began to slow down until she remembered what was coming up behind her. With that in mind she plowed through the group, taking them by surprise.

It wasn't too difficult since they seemed more focused on what was coming up behind her than on her. Not that she blamed them, she thought as she shoved past a small of group of humans who looked a little nervous as they watched the hallway opening behind her. They had guns, but they weren't raising them towards her, which meant that she'd somehow managed to keep her change a secret and that the Master, whoever he was, still considered her valuable.

They probably didn't worry that she'd get too far, she realized as she managed to run up a small set of cement stairs. She shoved the heavy metal door at the top open and stumbled out onto the dimly lit lawn. There was a dirt road that stopped fifty feet from wherever it was that she just emerged from and about two dozen expensive vehicles parked on the lawn, which consisted more of weeds, dirt and rock than actual grass.

Where the hell were they?

She looked around as she tried to get her bearings. Of course, once the blood curdling screams and pleas for mercy started behind her, she left the comfort of the dimly lit area and ran for what she knew should have been pitch black, but thanks to her new Pyte abilities she could see clear as day, with a blue tint of course.

Trying to ignore the way her heart pounded in her chest, she ran to the first car and tried the driver's side door only to find it locked. Five cars later she finally found one that was left unlocked and not a moment too soon, since the screams for help were starting to die down. With Caine's speed and abilities he'd find her within seconds and right now she couldn't risk that.

If either one of them had a chance of making it out of here without being sliced and diced she needed to move now. She quickly climbed into the small dark blue SUV that she was hoping could haul ass and shut the door softly, yet quickly. Praying that she hadn't lost her touch, she ripped the plastic casing beneath the steering wheel off and wasted no time in grabbing the wires. When the car's engine finally turned over she let out a sigh of relief and sat up only to let out one of those embarrassingly high pitch screeches.

"Come here......now," Caine growled out, not exactly sounding human at the moment and making her decision pretty easy for her.

With a shake of her head she threw the car into reverse and hit the gas. She didn't make it three feet before Caine released a roar of anger as he slammed his fists down on the hood of the SUV and rocked the vehicle violently, making the back end jump off the ground and causing her poor empty stomach to lurch as she banged into the steering wheel. When the car dropped down, it bounced twice before it finally went still. They were both breathing hard when Caine grabbed the edge of the caved in hood with one hand and gave it a hard tug that had the car spinning until she found Caine standing right outside the driver's side door with a predatory gleam in his eyes that did not bode well for her.

"W-we have to go now, Caine, or they'll catch us," she said, trying not to sound nervous or give herself away as she slowly, oh so slowly, moved towards the passenger seat. When the scent of fresh blood and Caine's arousal hit her, she bit her lip and squeezed her legs together, hard, hoping to hide her own arousal as she desperately tried to figure out a way to save them both from being recaptured and put through God only knows what.

She wasn't sure how it happened, but one second she was squeezing her legs together as she discretely tried to move over the center armrest and the next, the driver's side door was ripped off its hinges and she was thrown over Caine's shoulder. Then that damn sneaky hand of his was once again on her ass. He lovingly caressed it as he headed towards a small black four door sedan.

"We're leaving right?" she asked, deciding to wait and see what his plans were before she fought him tooth and nail to escape. "Because we really need to get out of here, Caine, before they recover from whatever the hell it is that you just did to them," she said, slapping her hands flat against his back and pushing herself up so she could shoot a look in the direction from where they came and couldn't help but frown at what she saw.

Feeling a little confused, she looked around but only found trees and rocks. Frowning, she looked back at the decrepit looking old farmhouse that looked like it would fall down with a small gust of wind and couldn't help but wonder what kind of Master held them. Whoever he was, his security really sucked, she thought as Caine pressed a kiss against her hip and thankfully brought her back to her problem at hand, a drugged up Pyte in need of a cold shower.

"Caine," she said, trying her best to ignore the delicious scents he was giving off. Her stomach growled viciously as it tightened with need. She wasn't sure what she wanted to do with him more, trace his tattoo with her tongue as she sank her fangs into him or throw him to the ground and have her naughty way with him before she sank her fangs into him, but she knew that she had to resist the urge to do both. If they didn't get out of here soon she was very much afraid that she was going to experience all those horror stories Caine shared with her years ago firsthand and she really didn't feel like having her arms and legs cut off.

"We're leaving," he said the same time she heard the sound of a car door opening.

"Good, the faster we get the hell out of here the faster-"

"I can f**k you into oblivion," Caine said, cutting her off and making her need for him all that much worse. She nearly whimpered since she knew that there was no way in hell that she was going to let him touch her.

Chapter 20

Boston Compound

"Do you like that?" he asked as he ran the tip of his tongue through her slit.

"Yes!" she practically shouted, making him chuckle, but not really caring. As long as he kept doing that delicious little flick thingie with his tongue she would let him live, but the second, the very second that he stopped she was going to throttle him.

He stopped.

Isabella sat up, fully prepared to kill her mate when Chris shot her that killer grin of his and a wink before he moved his head back between her parted legs and suckled her cl*t between his lips. With a loud moan of ecstasy, Isabella slumped back against the wall of her work station as she generously opened her legs wider over the edge of her desk and allowed her mate to distract himself from the stress from the latest problem and everything else that was weighing down on his wide shoulders.

Between Joshua and the rest of his family, training, patrols and taking care of her and Jessica he was stretching himself too thin. He was stressed, but he was doing his damndest to hide it and to protect her from experiencing any stress of her own. Once again he was trying to be everything for everyone and it was slowly tearing him apart. He thought that she didn't know.

She knew.

"Chris, I need to talk to you about the new silver point bullets that you ordered," the hesitant voice said from the other side of her locked office door, making her whimper and pout and Chris curse up a storm as he stood up.

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