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Healing Sean was a joy. Andrea felt her magic connecting with the shimmer of Goddess magic inside Sean to soothe his hurts and heal him. He slowly shifted back to human as she worked, the threads of his pain unsnarling and smoothing at her touch.

Andrea knew when Sean felt better, because she felt his gaze fix on her, strong and blue. He snaked a hand around her wrist, fingers hard, and pulled her down to him. Andrea came willingly, sensing their threads twine together, the mate bond tightening.

“Thank the Goddess you’re all right,” she said.

The look in his eyes told her he had more than prayers of thankfulness on his mind. Sean rolled her over into the dirt, and his mouth landed on hers, hungry and desperate, seeking with primal need. His body was hard and heavy on hers, hot through the silk.

Ronan chuckled. “Looks like he’ll be okay.”

“Glory.” Dylan’s moan of anguish made Andrea break the kiss at the same time Sean did.

Dylan had Glory’s head in his lap and was stroking her hair. Sean picked up the sword and moved to them, Andrea right behind him.

Together they healed her. Andrea grasped the blade, letting the edge nick her hand as she had when she’d healed Ely. Sean held the sword steady as the magic poured from him, the blade as a conduit. Andrea directed the heady magic into Glory and watched her wounds close, her strength return. Glory had been hurt far worse than Sean, shot and left to bleed out, but Glory’s healing, boosted by the combined strength of the Guardian and the sword, was swift.

Glory at last drew a long breath, smiling up at Dylan with her usual verve. She was a long way from completely well, though. She’d lost a lot of blood, and she’d need a doctor.

Andrea let go of the sword and leaned back against Sean. “You’ll need to get her to an ER,” she said, her body warm and tired. “That’s all I can do.”

Dylan’s eyes were wet when he looked up, Glory still cradled in his lap. “You’ve done enough, child. Thank you.”

“Now, we need to save Liam’s butt,” Ronan said. “Especially if Fae are popping out of nowhere and shooting poisoned arrows.”

“Indeed,” Fionn said. “Leave the Fae to me. My own fighters are standing at the ready, and they’ve not had a good battle in a long time.”

Sean’s scowl was fierce. “Fae are shooting poisoned arrows at Shifters?”

“Yep,” Ronan said. “They got me, but Fionn here has this magic powder ...”

Fionn interrupted. “My warriors know they are to be of assistance to my daughter on her command. They always will be.” Fionn gave Sean a pointed look. “You’d do well to remember that.”

Sean’s brows climbed, and Andrea wanted to laugh. “Hey, I’m a warrior princess, remember?” she said.

Sean growled as he leaned into her. “A warrior princess with lacy underwear.” He pressed a promising kiss to her mouth. “Now, let’s go kick us some Feline ass.”

“Love to,” Andrea said.

Dylan stayed behind with Glory. He told them he’d get her to a hospital, and then he’d deal with Wade. He sent the unconscious Lupine a vicious look that didn’t bode well for him.

“You sure, Dad?” Sean asked. His sword gleamed, his naked body tall and strong, the Guardian ready for battle. “We could use you.”

Dylan shook his head. “This is your fight, Sean. Yours and Liam’s. It’s time for me to focus on different things.”

He was conceding his place to his sons. Firmly and finally. The tender way Dylan looked at Glory and the gentleness of his touch told Andrea what decision he’d reached. Sean squeezed his father’s shoulder, understanding.

“Don’t worry,” Ronan said, his energy restored. “I’ll make sure Liam and Sean win. And then we’ll party.”

“Bears,” Sean said. “Always wanting their honey.”

“And beer. Don’t forget the beer.”

“Are you sure you want to stay with these animals, daughter?” Fionn asked.

Andrea took Sean’s hand. “Very sure.”

She used the sword to open the way. Light flashed, along with the sharp, clean stench of Faerie, and then the four of them were gone.

Wade remained unmoving on the ground, but he wasn’t dead. Dylan suppressed his instinct to stroll to the man and snap his neck, much as he wanted to.

Glory’s lovely body was covered with dirt and blood, but her skin was warm, her breathing even. “I feel like shit,” she said.

Dylan touched her face. “But you’re alive, love. That’s the important thing.”

“Yeah, you’re right, that’s pretty important.” Glory tried to sit up, and Dylan had to support her against him. “I heard what you said to Sean,” she said, “but they really will need you back there. Callum’s crazy, and if they’ve got Fae on the loose ...”

“I made my decision.” Dylan’s words were sharp, final. “I’m taking care of you, and that’s all.” Dylan pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead. “For always, Glory.”

Glory’s eyes widened. “That sounds perilously like a commitment.”

“’Tis not a joke. I need you in my life, my girl. It’s empty without you.”

“You’re very flattering. Is that because I was almost dead?”

Dylan ran his hand through her sleek hair. “Knowing you’d gone missing, thinking I might lose you forever ... Everything in my life suddenly lined up, from most important to least. At the top was finding you.”

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