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Author: Kirsty Moseley

“I know you will, son,” he replied as he ended the call.

I stared at the phone, my tired brain not quite able to work out what just happened. I’d expected at least a warning that I should back off and do my job properly, but there had been nothing at all. He hadn’t even mentioned the fact that she kissed me in front of the reporters.

I sighed as I pushed the phone onto the side, deciding to give up trying to second guess everything. People never seemed to react the way I thought they would lately. When my eyes started to get heavy, I rested my head back on the sofa.

Just as I was about to fall into slumber, the sofa dipped next to me, so I forced my stinging eyes open. Anna smiled sadly at me, her hair was still wet and scraped back into a bun. She was wearing one of my T-shirts again. “Lie down,” she cooed, pushing her hand under the back of my head and pulling it towards her gently. All that came out of my mouth was a strangled gargle as she pulled a little harder and smiled. “Lie down, Ashton.” I gave in fighting and twisted, lying down and setting my head in her lap as I swung my legs over the arm of the sofa and fell into a peaceful sleep.

~ Anna ~

When my alarm sounded in the morning, I cracked my eyes open, wincing as the light from the window made my eyes sting. I squeezed my eyes closed again and rolled over to cuddle into Ashton; I was actually pretty surprised he wasn’t all over me already. I rolled onto his side of the bed, instantly noticing that the sheets were cold against my skin. I pushed myself up, frowning at the empty space beside me.

The alarm was still beeping loudly, so I turned it off, wincing because I was still tired and didn’t want to go to college today. My heart sank when I remembered that this was the first day since the party so the cat would be out of the bag about who I was now. Things were going to change today, no doubt.

After slipping on a bath robe, I headed out of the room and made my way to the kitchen, needing a strong coffee. My eyes settled on Ashton sitting there with both Dean and Peter. I frowned as I poked Peter in the back as I walked past. “Shouldn’t you be in bed? Don’t night shift workers usually sleep during the day?” I teased.

“Hey, Anna. Yeah I should, but my boss is a real hard ass,” Peter answered jokingly, motioning towards Ashton who was sitting there with a pencil and paper and a stack of notes and diagrams in front of him.

I waved my hand dismissively. “Don’t listen to him, he’s a pu**y cat. Just go to bed.”

Peter laughed, and Ashton rolled his eyes. “We’re just going over some stuff for today as a precaution,” Ashton explained.

I had to scoff at that. “Just chill, will you? Everything’s fine. Jeez, you’re going to work these two to death. Nothing’s going to happen. Maybe I’ll have a couple more people talk to me today, or maybe they’ll all avoid me like the plague. Nothing to be dramatic over,” I shrugged, genuinely not knowing what to expect.

Ashton cleared his throat loudly and turned back to Peter and Dean. “Ignore the interruption,” he stated, waving dismissively at me.

I laughed incredulously. “Interruption? Wow, rude much?”

A smile twitched at the corner of his lips as he carried on planning with the agents, obviously trying to ignore me and not react.

“Anyone want coffee? I’m making eggs if there are any takers,” I smiled wickedly as I interrupted again on purpose.

“No thanks. We’re working,” Ashton replied tersely before the other two could answer.

I grinned. Wow, serious Ashton is here today! I waited for him to start talking again before I spoke, “Orange juice, Dean?”

Ashton sighed dramatically. “Seriously, Anna, are you trying to annoy me?” he asked, raising one eyebrow in warning.

I nodded, smiling sweetly. The idea of Ashton getting annoyed with me was actually pretty funny; I didn’t even think he would. I could see Dean and Peter trying to hide their smiles. Ashton shook his head at me, obviously trying terribly hard not to smile and turned back to them, starting to plan again.

“Cereal anyone?” I asked, laughing wickedly.

Ashton jumped out of his chair so fast that I barely saw him move. He grabbed me from behind, wrapping one arm tightly around my waist, pinning my arms to my sides and covering my mouth with his other hand. I laughed against his hand as he shushed me and pinned my body against his so I couldn’t move.

“Right, we’re done now anyway but just to recap, Peter, you’ll come meet us at the end of school. Dean will move a little closer, and if I call, then you’ll adopt near guard position and ignore me completely,” Ashton ordered. I squirmed in place as I started to find it incredibly sexy the way Dean and Peter were hanging on Ashton’s every word. I could see the respect for him and it made me practically overflow with pride. “I’ve already spoken to the school office this morning and told them that additional arrangements may need to be taken, and they were fine with it. There should be no problems, it’s just business as usual, but Dean can show his presence from now on seeing as everyone will expect Anna to have a guard with her now.” His grip loosened slightly around my waist, but I didn’t move away from him, I liked having him this close; I shifted my weight to my other leg and discreetly ground my ass across his crotch. His arm immediately tightened back up again, pinning me against him. “If there are any problems at all, I need to maintain cover, so you take her away. Don’t wait for me to make the first move, I’ll only move if I have to because I need to look like a boyfriend and not an agent. Right, well, Peter, you’d better go get some sleep,” he said sternly.

Dean and Peter nodded, both standing to leave. “Got it, boss,” Peter answered, nodding as both of my far guards left the apartment.

After the front door shut, Ashton kissed the side of my neck softly, still holding his hand over my mouth. “Now, Miss Spencer, you need to stop interfering with my job, or else,” he growled sexily in my ear. My whole body started to throb at the sound of his husky voice as he held me tightly against him. When he bit the back of my neck playfully, I whimpered with desire and instantly regretted teasing him because now I was going to be fantasising about him all day. “Is that understood?” he whispered against my neck, sending his hot breath blowing down my back. I couldn’t answer; my mouth was dry and my body practically vibrating with excitement. “I said, is that understood, Miss Spencer?” he whispered in my ear. I grinned against his hand and nodded. “Hmm, good,” he purred as he moved his hands from their restraining positions and rested them on my h*ps gently. I didn’t move away from him, I couldn’t. I loved the feel of his body against mine, I would be quite happy just to stand here like this all day. “How about I make you breakfast?” he offered, his voice still thick with lust.

How about we skip breakfast and school and go to bed? It was on the tip of my tongue, but somehow I held it back. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to block out the lustful thoughts that seemed to come to me so frequently lately. “No, it’s okay. Thanks for the offer though, I thought I would make something hot today,” I said, finally able to drag myself out of his embrace. “You hungry?”

“Of course,” he grinned, watching as I pulled out a packet of bacon from the fridge. He nodded eagerly. “You know you’re the best girlfriend anyone ever had, don’t you?”

I smiled. “Well, I do now that you’ve told me,” I replied, shrugging. I did already know that actually, he told me a lot.

When we arrived at school, the whole parking lot seemed to turn in unison to watch us. A hushed silence settled over the crowd, and I shrank into Ashton’s side, already wishing I was somewhere else. This was going to take a lot of getting used to.

Ashton’s arm tightened around me as the excited whispering started. “Relax, Baby Girl, it’ll die down,” he said, squeezing my waist affectionately.

As we made our way to the building, my eyes settled on Rosie and the rest of our friends that were standing in a little huddle outside the front entrance. I sighed, feeling my shoulders slump in defeat. I knew this would happen; clearly they would all treat me differently now that they knew who my father was. It was inevitable. However, the wide eyes and tight lips that looked back at me made my insides ache. I should have taken more time to prepare myself for this kind of public rejection, I wasn’t ready at all.

But as we got to the last step, a cheeky grin broke out on Rosie’s face as she produced a pen and paper from behind her back. “Can I get Annaton’s autograph, I heard they’re going for ten bucks on eBay,” she teased, before bursting out laughing.

My shoulders relaxed as she shook her head grinning happily. Maybe I’d underestimated them a little. I smiled, grateful for their acceptance. Rosie York was an incredible person, and an even better friend, I would have been extremely sad to lose her because of this. We’d gotten incredibly close.

“Ten bucks, really? Maybe we should sign a load and sell them ourselves?” I joked, turning to Ashton. He laughed in response.

Serena smiled. “I can’t believe your dad is going to be the next President. My dad’s a paint salesman,” she said, grinning.

I shrugged, wincing apologetically. “I didn’t really want to announce it to everyone. People can be a little standoffish when they find out your father’s running for office.”

Rosie nodded and stepped forward; linking her arm through mine. She gave me a little tug away from Ashton and made me start walking up the hallway with her. “On to more important things,” she whispered, looking over her shoulder at Ashton conspiratorially. “I saw you two get interviewed. Do you think he’s going to propose?” she asked, grinning excitedly as her eyes sparkled happily.

I chuckled awkwardly. “I hope not. We’re too young.”

She sighed and nodded in agreement. “True, but he’s so yummy. Imagine being married to that,” she said, fanning her face dramatically as she winked at me. “You should accept if he does.”

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