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Author: Kirsty Moseley

“Okay, deal,” she agreed dejectedly. I could tell she was disappointed; clearly, she wanted me to see my friends and was feeling bad that it wouldn’t happen now. I bent and kissed her lips lightly just for a second, pulling away before I wouldn’t be able to. She whimpered unconsciously as I pulled away and I couldn’t help but smile. I loved that she wanted me, even if she wasn’t interested in a relationship.

I climbed out of the bed, being sure to keep my back to her so she wouldn’t see my painful arousal. That was another thing she did to me, she made me so damn hard that it hurt. I was literally stiff as a board, and probably spent a solid three to four hours that way every day. Not that Anna knew that, of course, I did well to keep it from her. I pulled on a pair of jeans, arranging my erection so it wasn’t too noticeable.

“Where are you going?”

I turned to look at her over my shoulder and quickly looked away because she was doing the face. The pouty, pleading, hurt face that made me want to throw myself at her feet and beg her to take me, to let me spend my life making her happy, to give her any damn thing in the world. I’d known her for two months now, and in that time I’d fallen so in love with her, it was ridiculous. I would do anything for her, absolutely anything.

“I’m going to see if I can get us to LA for the weekend,” I replied, smiling to myself as I imagined her waking up in my tiny apartment.

I walked out of the room and pulled the door tightly shut, unlocking my phone and dialling Maddy’s phone number. “Senator Spencer’s office,” she answered immediately.

“Hi, ma’am, it’s Agent Taylor. How are you?” I asked, being polite. I needed to get her on my side; hopefully if this went well, she would need to rearrange a lot of things for the trip tomorrow.

“Oh, Agent Taylor, I’m very well. How are you and Annabelle doing?” she asked cheerfully.

“We’re both really good. Actually, I was hoping to speak to the Senator, is that possible?”

She tapped away on her keyboard. “Well, according to his schedule, he’s free for the next fifteen minutes. Let me buzz you through,” she chirped, putting me on hold.

I waited a few seconds, heading over and boosting myself up onto the kitchen counter. “Agent Taylor, is everything okay? How’s Annabelle?” the Senator asked as he came onto the phone.

“She’s very good, sir. I just wanted to talk to you about this weekend.” I mentally crossed my fingers that he would say yes.

He laughed. “Ah, she’s finally told you.”

I smiled. “Yes, sir, she did.” I winced, praying he’d consent. “Sir, Anna and I have been talking and we wondered if it would be possible for her to come to LA with me.”

“To LA?” he repeated.

“Yes, sir. Anna really wants to go. I think it would be good for her, she’s doing so well here.” Anna was actually doing brilliantly at the moment; she loved school and was settling in really well and making friends.

“Agent Taylor, that’s not possible. Your far guards have been given the weekend off, as have you. You should make the most of it. It’s not a scheduled school break, but I won’t ask the far guards to give up a weekend that’s been promised to them,” he said sternly, his tone implying that I was crazy even to suggest it.

“Sir, I wasn’t asking for the far guards. I could take Anna to LA on my own. She would stay at my apartment with me. I live with another agent, his name is Nate Peters. He graduated second under me at the academy, and I know that he would be willing to protect Anna with me if I needed him to. She really would like to go,” I persuaded. I had no doubt in my mind that Nate would protect her if the need arose.

“Agent Taylor, are you seriously asking me to let you take Annabelle to LA without a far guard? Do you understand what you’re asking of me? Carter Thomas’ organisation has been threatening her constantly and the trial is only three months away,” he replied condescendingly.

I frowned angrily. Did he think I didn’t know that? Did he not know that I thought about that as**ole constantly and that if I ever saw him, I would rip his heart out, and wrap it in gift wrap for her?

I took a deep breath, trying not to growl my answer. “I am very well aware of the situation, sir. But I will be able to protect her; you know I can. I would die for Anna, and I would never let anything hurt her. Sir, I think you should let her go. In a little under a month’s time, there’s a very good chance that you’re going to be elected President. Once that happens, Anna will probably never get the opportunity to be normal again. You can trust me, Sir. I give you my word that she’ll be safe with me,” I promised. Nothing would hurt Anna as long as I had breath in my body.

He took a deep, shaky breath, and I squeezed my eyes shut. Please, come on, please! He was quiet for about thirty seconds, and disappointment ran through my veins. Lake House it was then. At least I’d get to spend time with her there, and she’d get to go and visit Jack, she’d like that.

“I’ll ask Maddy to arrange the details,” he answered and my heart leapt into my throat as my mouth popped open in shock. “Agent Taylor, please take care of my little girl,” he begged, not sounding like the next President, but like a worried father.

“I will, I promise.” I jumped off the stool, fighting the urge to do a happy dance in the middle of the kitchen.

“I know you will, son, and if it was any other Agent asking for this, then I’d say no, I just want you to know that. She trusts you, and so do I,” he stated. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up at his words.

“Thank you, Sir. I won’t let you down,” I vowed, grinning from ear to ear.

Instead of going straight in to tell her, I grabbed some bagels and spread them with cream cheese. I made two cups of coffee, putting it all on a tray, along with one of the roses from the bunch that I had bought her last week. I’d been buying her flowers every week, trying to be romantic. I grinned as I made my way back into the bedroom, seeing it empty.

I set the tray on the bed and walked over to the bathroom door, hearing the shower running in there. “I made breakfast. Are you gonna be long?”

“No, I’m just about to get out,” she called back as the water snapped off.

I shivered as I imagined her standing n**ed in that room, just a few feet away from me, her glorious body all wet and dripping. I groaned at the thought. “Damn it,” I mumbled, quickly coming away from the door and taking deep breaths, trying to calm myself.

She came out a couple of minutes later, a towel wrapped around her body that came to her mid-thigh, her legs still glistening. I reluctantly dragged my eyes away as she walked to the bed, pulling her pink robe over the top. A cute, little confused expression crossed her face as I placed the tray on her lap. This wasn’t the type of thing I usually made her for breakfast; I usually stuck to fruit salad, toast or cereal, because everything I cooked burnt to a crisp for some reason.

I grinned smugly. “It’s a typical LA breakfast.”

She looked even more confused for a couple of seconds, before understanding and then excitement shot across her face. “I can go with you?” she cried, spilling half a cup of coffee all over the tray as she jerked up excitedly.

My heart leapt at her excitement. I nodded in confirmation, grinning like an idiot. “Yep, you can come.”

She squealed and grabbed me, spilling the other half of the coffee over the tray in the process. As she clung around my neck, I lifted the tray off her lap and set it on the bed. Suddenly her body stiffened against mine. “Oh,” she said quietly, pulling back. I looked at her beautiful face, watching the excitement fade. She looked a little sad, guilty even.

“What’s up?” I asked, reaching out and brushing a loose hair up into the towel she had twisted on top of her head.

“I just feel bad for Dean, that’s all.”

I laughed quietly. She really was incredible this girl, always thinking of other people. “You don’t need to feel bad for Dean, he’s not coming. He and Peter still have the weekend off,” I informed her, smiling proudly.

Her eyes narrowed. “Well, who are they sending? Not Mike, I hate Mike,” she sneered at his name.

I laughed at her reaction. “No, not Mike. You don’t need to worry, you like who you’re going with,” I said confidently. She raised her eyebrows, clearly not believing me. She didn’t like any of the other guards. She had warmed to Dean, and I think she quite liked Peter too, but she hated the guards at the lake house.

She eyed me suspiciously. “Well, who’s taking me then?”

I grinned proudly. “Me.”

She looked at me expectantly. “And…”

“And me,” I replied, grinning at her.

She gasped. “Just you? Are you freaking kidding me? No far guard?” she cried with wide eyes.

I nodded. “Just me, no far guard,” I confirmed, smiling, my chest throbbing painfully because of how excited she was.

She squealed and threw herself at me; the force of it caught me off guard and threw us both off the bed. I twisted so I took all of the impact of the floor and held her protectively to my chest. It hurt a little but not too bad. I laughed as she gasped, obviously shocked at what had happened.

She cupped her hands around my face, looking at me worriedly. “Oh God, I’m so sorry. Are you okay? Did I hurt you?”

I shook my head, laughing. “I’m fine.”

A smile spread slowly across her face as she took in the news again. “I really get to come to LA? Just with you?” she asked, pressing her perfectly toned body to me tightly.

I nodded. I couldn’t speak; I was incredibly turned on by this position. She was straddling me and leaning over me so our chests were pressed together. Her robe had opened at the bottom, and I could see one of her legs right up to the top of her thigh. I was rock hard, and there was no way to disguise it this time, she was sitting on top of it, for goodness’ sake.

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