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Chapter 3

Angela glanced at the antique wall pendulum clock in Knox's room and silently seethed as she saw the time. He'd left her alone almost twelve hours ago. She'd snooped through all his stuff - not that she'd found anything interesting - and dozed for a few hours. At least when she'd been looking through his stuff she'd been able to distract herself from Natalia's betrayal. Everything Angela had done tonight had been a complete waste of time. Now she was stuck under Knox's roof awaiting whatever punishment he planned to dole out and she had one less friend. It stung more than she'd admit that her friend hadn't trusted her enough to confide in her. Had Natalia really believed she'd just let her disappearance go? Angela didn't have many friends and she'd always thought herself lucky to count Natalia as one. In immortal terms ten years wasn't a particularly long time span but keeping a relationship that long had been a big deal to Angela. Obviously Natalia hadn't viewed things the same. Steeling herself against those thoughts, Angela shoved all her reflections aside and locked them up tight. Right now she needed to focus on escaping, not worry about anything else.

Once the sun had fallen she'd opened the heavy chocolate colored drapes and was now bathed in moonlight. The daylight didn't harm her but like most of her kind she preferred the night.

Unable to sit still, she stalked around the room. Each step she took, her boots sank into the thick throw rug that covered almost half the floor. With no way to contact anyone and nothing to do, she was bored and annoyed and really hungry. Her fangs ached as she simply thought about feeding. She hadn't fed in almost a week but she hadn't planned to be trapped here, either. If she'd fed before her normally scheduled time, her tribe leader would have wondered why, so she'd held off. Besides, she thought she'd just get in here, get out then have plenty of time to make it back home. She'd learned to control her bloodlust long ago but instinct was still instinct. She needed food.

Sighing, she eyed the giant California king-size bed in the middle of the room and tried to take her mind off her hunger. An antique chest probably older than her sat at the foot of the bed and the rest of his furniture was just as old, though it was all in pristine shape. The dark wood on the dresser, armoire and nightstands were all polished and shiny.

At least the room only smelled like him. Woodsy, earthy, all Knox and no one else. With her heightened senses she'd know if another female shared the room with him. Not that she should care. He could be sleeping with half his pack and it wouldn't be any of her business. Though the mere thought of him with another woman punched a giant hole in her chest.

As she sat down on the chest and tried to pick the lock again, the door handle wriggled then it flew open. Knox stood in the entryway with a scowl on his handsome face. "Miss me?" He looked stressed and tired and that only infuriated her. He had no right to look that way when she'd been cooped up like a prisoner.

She looked around for something to throw at him but came up empty so she stood and faced him warily. "Is this part of my torture? Leaving me here to die of boredom?"

Something akin to guilt flashed in his eyes. "I didn't plan to be gone so long. I thought about sending someone to check on you but wasn't sure if you'd attack them."

"Smart man," she murmured.

He stared at her for a long moment with those near black penetrating eyes. It was almost as if he could see right through her. She hated the urge she had to duck her head just to avoid the power of that gaze. Knox was obviously Alpha for a reason.

Finally he took a few more steps into the room and the air popped with something...sexual. Why was he looking at her as if he'd like to ravish her? They were natural born enemies. "Are you hungry?" His voice lowered as he spoke.

Starving. Instead of telling him, she shrugged. "I'm fine."

His gaze sharpened and he covered the distance between them lightning fast. Before she realized what he meant to do, he pulled the collar of his shirt away and bared his neck to her. "If you need to feed, take from me."

The action was so against his nature, so...submissive. She shuddered as she stared at his pulsing vein. Knowing she should keep her distance did nothing to sate her most primal side. Feeding from another supernatural was the only way to keep up her strength. But for someone like Knox to offer his blood... "What's the catch?"

He shook his head. "No catch. You're going to be here awhile and I won't allow you to feed from anyone but me. Take advantage, Angel." His voice dropped another notch, taking on an incredible sensual quality. The way he said "but me" sounded so damn possessive and she liked it a little too much.

She hated the nickname and she hated her weakness even more, but if she wanted to escape she'd need all the advantage she could get, especially if he kept her for a while. Biting her bottom lip, she stared at his neck. If he'd wanted to kill her he could have done so by now. Either by himself or by sending any of his pack in to finish her off. "You're sure?" Damn, why did her voice have to waver?

He simply nodded as he devoured her with his eyes.

Swallowing under his intense scrutiny, she slowly leaned forward. He could have offered his wrist but instead he'd given her his neck. Everything about this was so intimate. She'd never been turned on from feeding before but warmth flooded her entire body, straight to the ache between her legs. As her own heat built, something spicy and hot rolled off Knox. He wanted this as much as she did. The realization made her swallow hard.

Unable to stop herself, her fangs extended and she sank them through his flesh into his vein. Even though she tried to keep some sort of distance between them, he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her tight against his muscled body. When he did, she reached up and cupped the other side of his neck for support. There was no way to keep herself detached from him now. Not after this.

As Angel pulled and drank from him, Knox's canines extended. The feel of her digging into his flesh didn't hurt. The opposite in fact. He felt connected to her in a way he hadn't when she'd been human. His canines throbbed with the need to mark her in the same way. The reaction was instinctual and the need to claim her was overwhelming. He'd known when they'd first met she was meant for him but now he had no doubt.

Vampire or not, she was his mate.

And he would claim her. Bite and mark her.

Offering himself to her like this was the only way he knew to put her at ease. He hadn't expected to be so turned on by the feel of her drinking from him. Though maybe he should have. The longer and harder she pulled, the closer she drew to his body, wrapping herself around him like warm silk. He'd learned to mask his scent for almost a thousand years but now he had no control over the desire rolling off him. She had to scent it. Hell, half the house probably scented it.

His need to mount her and mate with her was short-circuiting his brain and the longer she drank, the harder it was to think straight. His inner beast wanted control in the worst way.

Abruptly she stopped drinking and his entire body missed the feel of her tugging on him. When she pulled her mouth away from his neck, the only sound filling the room was their harsh breathing.

Instead of stepping back like he expected, she turned her head away and wiped her mouth. "Thank you." She wouldn't look at him even though she stayed inches from him.

No way, Angel. He wasn't letting her get away from him that easy.

He gripped her neck and jaw and forced her to face him. Her pale eyes were wide with confusion and lust and her fangs still hadn't fully retracted. Under his touch he could feel her rapid pulse beating out of control.

"I'm going to kiss you." It wasn't a question.

Mentally he prepared himself for another kick to the groin but when her bright eyes widened and her lips parted, he reacted fast. He didn't want the alluring vampire to think or overanalyze this. He simply wanted her to feel. To see how right they were together. As far as he was concerned, the past was just that. All that mattered was what happened now.

For a split second, she started to jerk back but he wasn't going to give her space. As he covered her mouth with his, he cupped her head in a dominating grip and threaded his fingers through her silky short hair. He ate hungrily at her mouth. The slightly sweet taste on her tongue lingered but mixed with something else. Something that was all her.

When her fingers dug into his shoulders and she moaned into his mouth, his hips surged forward as if they had a mind of their own. His skin felt too tight for his body and the raging need to mark her made him ache with an intensity he'd never imagined.

Her tongue rasped against his in erotic little strokes as she wrapped her other hand around his neck. Almost simultaneously, she lifted up and wrapped her legs around him, digging her booted feet into his ass. Just like it had been with them before. Things had always been so urgent, needy with them. They hadn't been able to keep their hands off one another. After their first time together, she'd been just as frantic as he was every time they were together..

Now his canines throbbed with such excruciating pain, he had to let them extend. She slightly tensed at the change but didn't tear her mouth completely away from his. Instead she writhed against him, letting her breasts rub against his chest.

Without wasting time, he moved them to the bed and had her pinned underneath him once again. This time she didn't push against him. Didn't fight him.

But before they could go any further there was something he needed to know. Right now all he wanted to do was rip her clothes from her body, but knew once he got her naked it would be over for him. Alpha or not, he was still male. Somehow he pulled his head back. "Why did you leave when you were turned?"

She blinked a few times and shook her head. "Wh...what?"

"Why'd you run from me when you were turned into a vampire?" If she'd fallen for a vampire and chosen someone else over him, he'd hunt the bastard down and kill him. Slowly. The sudden primal thought shook him but he couldn't stop the rage flowing through his veins.

Those pink lips parted in confusion. "Are you serious?"

When he didn't respond, she frowned and started to get up. He could see her internally pulling away from him.


"Forget this," she muttered.

Screw that. He didn't want to forget what they were doing. He could get his answers later. Covering her body once again, he savored the feel of her underneath him. When it was obvious he didn't plan to push her for answers, she melded to him once again. It soothed his inner wolf in a way he hadn't thought possible.

As their tongues danced, he reached back and gripped one of the legs she had wrapped around him. He wanted to feel more of her. Pulling back slightly, he sat up and unzipped one of her boots.

Even though he wanted to take his time undressing her, he wanted to see her naked more. After he stripped off her boots, he tugged her pants down with unsteady hands. A curse built on his lips at his lack of control but he held it back.

Meeting her gaze, he froze. Her eyes were no longer pale but dark and full of promises he'd been fantasizing about for years. "I want to taste you." The words tore from him just as unsteadily as his damn hands.

In response, she grasped the bottom of her top and tugged it over her head.

All the air rushed from his lungs as she bared herself to him. No bra.

His eyes tracked down her lithe body. Lean and very strong. Her arms and legs were muscular but not bulky. Different than when she'd been human. Back then she'd been softer and more delicate. But her breasts were the same...the light brown nipples hardened under his gaze. His mouth watered as he stared. He wanted to run his tongue around each areola and watch her writhe under his kisses.

But first he wanted to taste something else. Hooking his fingers under the thin straps of her plain, black underwear he tugged them down her legs and blindly tossed them away.

He couldn't tear his gaze away from the dark strip of hair covering her mound. How many times had he buried himself between her legs? How many times had she called out his name as she climaxed? Angela cleared her throat, forcing his gaze upward.

"You gonna stare all day?" Her voice was husky and sensual. And teasing. Just like he remembered.

Even though things had been intense between them, she'd always been fun and relaxed in the bedroom. Willing to try anything.

She'd trusted him once and he knew that's exactly what she was doing now by baring herself to him. He'd given her his blood and now she was giving her body. She might consider this temporary but for him...this was only the beginning for them.

Maybe Angela should feel embarrassed at her state of undress while Knox was still clothed, but she couldn't dredge up anything other than desire as he stared at her naked body. His dark eyes seemed to devour her as they raked over her face and body. When they roved over her chest, her nipples peaked almost painfully. Everything about this was so familiar but yet not. It was still new and exciting considering how many decades had passed between them. She started to scoot back but then stopped herself.

She wanted this. Even though there were many reasons to stop before this went too far, she didn't care about any of them. If he wanted to kill her, he could have done so the moment he'd captured her. When he hadn't thrown her to his men to be killed it had surprised her. Even more surprising was the fact that he'd given shelter to Natalia, another vampire. Considering how much he'd hated vampires when Angela had known him, it was hard to digest that bit of knowledge. Combined with the fact that he'd also just given her his vein - something an Alpha in his position would never do - she knew she could trust him with her body. Anything beyond that was crazy but for now she simply wanted to give in to her cravings. It had been over a decade since she'd been with anyone. She couldn't remember the name or face of her last lover and here was a man who she absolutely knew could pleasure her. Things in bed had always been incredibly hot between them and since he didn't plan to hurt her, why not take what she wanted?

"Spread your legs." His voice was deep and commanding.

Maybe she should be annoyed at his almost arrogant tone, but all she felt was a slow burning heat lap across her entire body at the absolutely dominant note in his voice. She did as he said.

"Wider," he said as he leaned lower.

For a brief moment panic set it as she started analyzing what they were doing. She began to squeeze her legs together, but lightning fast, he was between them. He pressed a gentle hand against her inner thighs and she shuddered.

Slowly he dragged a gentle finger along her slit. He moved up and down, barely touching her, but she knew he wouldn't be teasing her for long. She could see it in his dark eyes.

"You're wet," he murmured.

Angela nodded mainly because she didn't trust her voice.

"For me." Not a question.

Again she nodded.

"Say it."

Since when had he become so talkative? She didn't want words; not now.

His hand stilled and her inner walls clenched for him. "Say. It."

"You're very bossy," she murmured.

He started to move away and her heart jumped in her chest. She didn't want him to go.

"I'm wet for you. Only for you." The words tumbled out so fast she didn't have time to think about being embarrassed.

A small smile curved his normally hard lips. He continued stroking but this time he inserted a finger inside her.

His movements were slow, unhurried, and deliciously torturous. He definitely knew how to use his hands and she was thankful some things hadn't changed. She tightened around him, wishing it was more than his finger.

As he moved his finger in and out of her in a perfect rhythm, he leaned forward a fraction. "I want to kiss you here." He nodded between her legs.

"Okay." It surprised her he'd even asked.

He smiled again as he looked down at her. A small, knowing and completely intimate smile that made a strange warmth curl through her as he assessed her. "Perfect," he murmured. With the same attention he'd paid to her mouth earlier, he swept his tongue and teeth over her lower abdomen.

Knowing what was coming, her stomach muscles tensed in anticipation. He added another finger and buried them inside her. Instead of moving them, he remained still. Her inner walls clenched around him and she lifted her hips, trying to force him to stroke her.

As if he understood her frustration, he lightly chuckled against her. The action tickled her most sensitive bundle of nerves. She fisted the bedcover beneath her in an effort to ground herself.

He didn't give her the chance. Using his tongue, he parted her folds and began his assault against her pulsing clit. The teasing, flicking action was too much.

She'd been primed before he'd completely stripped her. Had known exactly what was coming. The memory of him had embedded itself deep in her psyche. After years of fantasizing about him when she touched herself, she was finally given the real thing.

For a moment she tried to control herself but gave in to the impulse and let go. Arching her back, she cried out. His name fell from her lips and as soon as it did, he growled low in his throat.

As she started to crest, he began moving his fingers again. The combination of his mouth and fingers proved too much. An explosion of colors flashed in front of her eyes for a split second as the climax rushed over her.

It hit her hard and fast. Like a rush of cool spring water it rolled over her with almost violent intensity until she collapsed against the covers.

When he raised his head a primal expression covered his sharp features. It was definitely possessive. She wasn't sure what to make of it. Wasn't even sure what it meant or what she wanted it to mean.

He opened his mouth to say something, but she'd never know what. The door flew open with a bang and panic jumped inside her. She covered her breasts and started to grab the cover underneath her in attempt to hide but Knox moved over her, blocking most of her body.

Knox whipped his head around but didn't move off Angela. He didn't want anyone seeing what was his. Alaric, his second-in-command, froze when he spotted them. His eyes widened with unabashed shock.

"This better be important," Knox growled as he tried to contain his anger. Someone better be dead or dying for an interruption like this.

Alaric snapped to attention. "We're under attack. Vampires. At least fifteen of them."

He looked back at Angela, his eyes narrowed and the accusation on the tip of his tongue. "Did you know about this?"

Angrily she shook her head. "No. I swear. But they might be here because of me. My tribe leader...wants me. If he thought I was in trouble, he might come after me."

The thought of another male trying to claim Angela made him see red. Still hiding most of her body, he turned toward Alaric. "Make sure everyone's ready. I'll meet you downstairs in a minute."

As soon as the door shut behind him, he moved off her, giving her room to breathe. And if he was honest, he needed the space. He could still smell her lust and desire.

When he faced her again, she was shaking her head at him, as if she knew what he was going to say. "No way. You are not leaving me here. I can help you. If they came for a fight, they won't play fair."

"Neither will we."

"Let me help," she pleaded. "I don't want any blood spilled on my behalf."

Either he trusted her or he didn't. Knox could see the challenge written clearly in her eyes. After what they'd just shared, he couldn't leave her behind. Knew he'd regret it if he did. Biting back a curse, he shook his head. "You stay close to me and you only get tranq guns."

"Fine," she said through gritted teeth as she began gathering her clothes.

More than anything he wanted to finish what they'd started but they obviously still had more to talk about. And with a bunch of vampires invading his land, someone was going to pay.

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