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Page 7

“I'll be your good, obedient slut, Sir!”

I let go of her with a smirk before I straighten and walk over to the side table to get the lube and butt plug. When I return to her, Bella is wriggling her behind at me in anticipation, and I slap her playfully before I run my fingers up and down the crack of her ass. Her pussy is already dripping wet, but I ignore it deliberately. The only thing that's going there today is the flogger if I have my say.

A soft sigh escapes her when I squirt the cool lube right into her anus, then scoop up some of the excess and gentle push my finger into her. For a moment I feel her clamp down and tense up so I stop until she relaxes again, wriggling my finger around before I push in further. I add a second finger and fuck her gently for a minute, just long enough to have her fully enjoy it, but not get too aroused.

Bella gasps when I stop toying with her, and push the lubed up plug straight into her ass. I'm sure I haven't really hurt her, but she's clearly not entirely comfortable, the way her thighs flex. I quickly wipe my fingers clean and pick up the flogger, intent on not giving her any chance to relax any further.

I trail the soft nappa leather strands from her ass up her back, making her shudder slightly, before I step away and aim a quick swing at her left thigh.

A visible shudder runs through her delectable body, and I can tell that Bella is fighting to keep still. I know how restricted and helpless she must be feeling now – for some reason, being restrained by something rigid and ungiving like the stocks has a stronger impact on the mind than ropes, although I've had her in tighter bondage before.

I keep my attention on her thighs, aiming to redden them slowly with sure strokes that shouldn't hurt her at all. She keeps tensing up after every other hit, but she doesn't shy away. I soon move my target to her luscious ass cheeks, hitting them with a little more force but still keeping to a slow, steady rhythm. She rewards me with a few low moans, and when I stop, I see that her labia are all puffy and wet – my girl is clearly enjoying herself there.

Not that I mind, but I guess it's time to step up the pace.

Bella shudders when the next time I hit her, the flogger connects with her upper back just left of her spine. I keep the strokes light, judging her reaction before I speed up, and finish the sequence with a few harder ones on her ass.

The sound of her labored breathing is music to my ears, and I let my fingers trail over her new heated skin, touching and soothing her. Bella relaxes gradually, but I have to spank her hard again when she pushes her ass into my hand, clearly wanting some friction in the right places.

“My, my, someone's needy today,” I remark dryly, and step away from her after a last slap.

It's hard to keep myself from going on, but I leave Bella as she is for a few endless minutes. At first she seems to appreciate the chance to calm down again, but then she starts to fidget, and that's not a very comfortable thing to do when you can hardly move. I console myself with staring at her ass and spread legs – all for me, mine to do with as I please. I just love seeing her like that, all her smooth skin bared, her thighs and ass already showing a few light lines where the flogger strands hit harder. My cock is responding to the wonderful display before me, and I have to concentrate hard to will the worst of my boner away.

Bella is clearly getting antsy, and I watch her fingers flex a few times. I know it's cruel to leave her like that, but I want her on edge, both dreading and yearning my touch.

Normally I would masturbate her now, get her off before I go on, but I seldom get a chance to draw her torment out like that.

Another minute passes, and Bella starts trying to stretch her back and find a more comfortable position, but between the stocks and the ropes, she's unable to find any relief for her stressed muscles. I decide that it's time to distract her a little more, and raise the flogger as I step up to her again. She immediately stops fidgeting, only her thighs flexing as she tries to steel herself.

This time I start at her ass with faster, more forceful strokes, before I turn my attention higher up. I know that she likes to have her butt flogged, but I seldom get a chance to have a go at her back as I have the annoying habit of tying her arms together there. It's not as much fun as having a go at her ass or legs as I have to pay close attention not to hit her spine or shoulder blades square on, but the way she keeps shivering and stretching is most appealing.

Soon she keeps pushing her shoulders together, a sure sign that she would evade me if she could, and I direct the strokes to her legs instead. For a few seconds she seems relieved, even lets her head hang a little, making me smile. Because she's doing that she doesn't see my grin turn into a smirk as I redirect my aim again.

A loud hiss leaves her when the flogger strands hit her wet, swollen pussy, then again and again. I love whipping her sex, as she usually responds with the most adorable ass wiggling, and today isn't any different. Only now she's more wound up, and by now hopefully frustrated, and her moaning has a definite edge to it. Of course that doesn't deter me, and I keep on until her gasps are laced with pain.

When I put the flogger down for now her pussy has taken on a nice red tinge, and when I lean closer and blow over her tormented flesh, Bella moans wantonly. I know she expects me to touch her there now, but instead I straighten and walk over to her head.

She's huffing a little when I tilt her face up with a hand on her chin, and I'm tempted to go right back to whipping her cunt. But when her eyes focus on me she's all meek, and I take pity on her. Somewhat.

Bella licks her lips when I push my pants down and get my cock out. Of course I'm hard as always when she's all helpless before me and I've just flogged her until she's close to protesting.

“Do you want to suck my cock, slut?”

She eagerly nods and I smirk down at her.

“Then come and get it.”

Chapter 7

A slight frown appears on her forehead, but instead of protesting she's quickly craning her neck, trying to reach my cock. It's quite amusing to see her fight against her restrains, but when she finally laps at the head of my cock with her pink tongue, I can't quite stifle a groan. That in turn makes her grin, earning herself a glare and my cock shoved deep into her mouth.

Bella recovers quickly and once she has figured out how she has to turn her head so that she can not only suck on my cock but also move up and down on it, she's doing a good job pleasing me. I watch her, the sight doing just as much for me as the heavenly sensation of her hot mouth on me. I consider holding back, but I know that I will be all wound up myself if I keep flogging her without my release soon.

I can tell that she's growing tired fast, the added strain of not being able to move freely demanding its toll, so before long I step away, and tell her to jerk me off with her hand instead. In the playroom I seldom order her to do that, and she seems a little put off at first, which will earn her some more spanks later, but then she goes to work. I close my eyes and hum contently while her hand pumps me as fast as she can with her limited range of movement, and before long I feel my orgasm nearing.

Just before I'm about to come I step away, forcing her to let go, and instead palm my dick myself. A few quick strokes up and down and my climax washes through me, and most of my spunk hits her right in her face. She's quick to close her eyes, but still squawks somewhat indignantly. I can't help but chuckle when she grimaces at the jizz dripping from her nose and chin, but of course right now it's a bad idea for her to be grossed out by a facial.

Grinning dirtily down at her I scoop some of the spunk up and push my fingers into her mouth.


She obeys without hesitation, and I repeat the same procedure until her face is more or less clean, but I'm sure that she can still smell my semen all over herself. When I step closer to her she quickly laps at my cock, cleaning me without having to be told, but she doesn't look too happy when she's done.

After zipping myself back up I crouch down before her so that our faces are at the same height, and look deep into her eyes. She's flushed from the exertion, and she's trembling slightly, a sure sign that I should move on before she's getting too distracted to come in the end. It's a rocky slope between going too easy on and overwhelming her, and while I might still choose to keep her from having a climax in the end, I don't want to finish the scene on a bad note because I misjudged her stamina.

“How ya holding up?” I whisper, only loud enough that she can barely hear me.

A slight smile appears on her face, and her next exhale is a little stressed.

“I'm okay. But my lower back's hurting”

I nod and place a gentle kiss onto her sweaty forehead before I get up and reach into my pocket. Bella frowns at the unsuspected move, but then I never planned to tell her everything I'm going to do to her.

My smirk is back when I show her the clamps, connected with a thin chain.

Her expression turns pleading, but she's wise enough to keep her mouth shut. Her breath picks up and she hisses when I attach the clamps to her hard nipples, making sure that they are tight and won't slip off easily, even when I yank on the chain. Bella whines softly, and I decide that there's a better way to punish her misgivings about the facial than to spank her.

A little rummaging in my supplies cabinet brings up the box with the small weights, and I select two of the bullet shaped ones. Bella doesn't see what I'm doing, of course, and I make sure that she's still oblivious of what's to come until I'm back at her side, and attach the weights to the clamps.

The most satisfying “ungh!” leaves her lips as I let go, and the weights make the clamps bite even more into her nipples. She immediately tries to alleviate the additional stress and pain by pushing her chest towards the bench, but the height of the stocks makes it impossible for her to bend her back enough to reach the padded table. The motion only lets the weights swing more, tugging harder on her nipples until she stills again.

Gloating at her would be childish now, and I keep myself from doing it, instead I pick up the flogger. Bella is now all tensed up as she's trying to either fight or get accustomed to the pain, but I don't care, and return to painting red streaks all over her ass. A few times I hit the plug and she moans, but it's evident that she's not quite content with what I'm doing to her.

When I decide that her ass has seen enough of the flogger, I step up close to the bench and lean over her, kissing her back softly while I run my hands up and down her thighs. Bella groans softly, but she's slow to relax now, and I have to keep on for a while before she lets her guard down.

I keep my lips at her back but run my palms up over her sides until I reach her breasts. She immediately tenses up again, making me chuckle with glee as I cup her tits, pressing the weights into her full beasts for a moment, before I let go, and she groans with the intensified pain.

“Like that?”

She’s silent as she's doubtlessly fighting the urge to lie to appease me, but her recurring hesitation is a kind of answer, too. Again I reach for her tits, only now I grab the clamps and press them together for a moment, forcing the teeth deeper into her already tortured flesh.

“Stop, please!” Bella cries out, but I keep the pressure up for another five seconds before I let go. She's blinking furiously, her hands balled into fists as she's trying to keep the tears from spilling, but a single drop escapes her left eye and leaves a wet streak down her cheek. I hold her gaze over the mirror for a moment, then bend my head and kiss her shoulder gently once more.

“I don't like you being so hesitant today. When I ask you something, you answer, understand?”

I kiss her again, but this time with a scrape of teeth to show her my displeasure. She's nodding even before I look up for confirmation.

“Yes, Master!”

“Why do you hesitate then? Do you want me angry with you?” She's shaking her head forcefully enough to make the nipple weights swing again, but she doesn't even wince.

“Of course not, Master. I won't do it again!”

“I hope so, for your own sake.”

Another kiss, and I step away from her.

“The weights stay on while I fuck your ass now. As do the stocks. You don't deserve anything more comfortable than that.”

I'm surprised when she doesn't speak up, but bows her head meekly.

Technically I'm violating the boundaries we set when we were talking the scene through, but she clearly wants to please me now, and is ready to suck it up. It's also a vote of trust in me, which I appreciate a lot.

She sighs when I pull the plug from her ass and drop it on the floor before I reach for the lube again. I apply the clear substance liberally onto my fingers before I shove them into her, fucking her a little roughly to get the lube deep enough into her. Bella groans, but the note of pain disappears quickly, and I know I'm doing a good job shifting the balance from discomfort to pleasure again.

Then I peel the leather pants from my legs and put one foot onto the bench outside of her leg before I position my cock and push it gently against her sphincter. As predicted the position is a little awkward, but a bit of wriggling around and I find a good angle that lets me push my cock slowly into her.

Bella moans loudly as I stretch her until she's taking all of me, and I playfully slap her ass for that. She tenses up which makes her clench around me deliciously, and I grin down at her back. My beautiful girl, all horny and ready to be fucked, even when she's forced to keep in position, and unable to even scratch her nose.

I grip her hips and slowly ease out of her until only the head of my cock is inside, before I push back in, not much faster. She groans again, the sound urging me on, but I keep a tight hold on her while I move as slowly as I can.

I'm sure she's expecting me to go all wild on her ass any second now, but I'm rather enjoying the slow pace, and this way I can ensure that I don't slam her shoulders into the hard wood of the stocks.

I'm not yet fully hard because I just came all over her face, but feeling her all around me does the trick equally well as spanking her would have, and the way her tits bounce helps, too, as I watch myself fucking her in the mirror.

Before long I feel my need to come grow stronger, though taking her like this is nice, and I'm sure I could keep it up for a longer while. Still, I'm a little concerned with the strain I'm putting on her. After all, I want her to enjoy herself, even when I force things like the nipple clamps on her that she wouldn't have asked for. So I decide to change my own rules – after all, it's my call to do with her as I please.

Bella groans when I pull out of her completely, but I ignore her protest and reach for the ropes to untie her legs. Even after the restraints are gone she remains in the same position, and I see her tremble more strongly than before.

A hurt filled gasp, which has nothing to do with the kind of pain I want her to feel, escapes her when I grab her hips and force her legs together. The grimace is gone from her face after the moment her back needs to straighten, and she remains kneeling like that on the bench without moving further. Her ass is even higher in the air than before, and there's no way I can comfortably fuck her now, so I decide I might as well abandon my plan completely.

She's clearly surprised when I disengage the latch on the side of the stocks and push on her shoulder until she straightens up. The movement makes the weights swing merrily at the end of the nipple clamps, and I'm dying to bite into her delicious tits. I refrain from doing so, but instead tell her to lie down on her back instead. She quickly complies, and I give her a moment to stretch her body into a comfortable position.

Bella hasn't quite recovered yet when I grab her hips and pull her down until her ass is hanging over the edge of the table. I push her legs together and pull them up onto my left shoulder, before I take hold of my cock and push back into her well lubed ass. The look on Bella's face is priceless as she stares up at me, her eyes wide and her lips parted slightly. I grin down at her as I tighten my grip on her legs, withdrawing slowly – before I thrust right back into her, as deep as I can, making her arch her back and cry out in need.

I know she's worn out from the way I've kept her restrained, but that doesn't hinder me from fucking her hard and fast. She frantically grabs the sides of the bench to keep her body from sliding around with the force of my thrusts, which causes her tits to bounce even more than before. I know that each time I slam into her, the clamps tug painfully on her nipples, and I love knowing that I'm affecting her whole body like that.

And it's not as if she would just lie there and let me have my way with her, suffering through it. Her teeth are clamped around her bottom lip but that doesn't keep the string of moans and whimpers to escape her, and I feel her hips move against mine with every thrust. Her fingers dig into the padding of the bench, and long before I'm close to coming, I feel the telltale shudders of her impending orgasm wrack through her body.

“Please -” she's panting, but her plea cuts off suddenly and turns into a scream as I catch the chain between her nipples and tug roughly on it. Her back comes off the bench for a moment, just as I was hoping, and I let go of her legs completely so I can grasp both clamps and pull them off her nipples. Bella screams again, louder this time, and her hands come off the sides of the bench to cover her aching nubs.

I let her, a new idea forming in my mind. She's still panting loudly as my fingers find her clit, and stroke it meticulously as I pick up fucking her ass even harder.

“Do you want to come?” I ask her, a truly stupid question that's kind of rhetorical, but I just love hearing her beg.

“Fuck, yes, please!” she shouts, her need ringing clear in every word.

“I will let you come as often as you want, but only if you pinch your nipples while I keep fucking you.”

Her eyes widen and she's pleading with her gaze for me to change my mind, but I'll have nothing of that. I increase my pace and rub her clit harder, already feeling her tighten even more around me.

“And don't you dare come without permission, or I'll have you locked right into the stocks again!”

That of course holds her attention, and her hands come off her tits, before she takes her puffy nipples between her thumbs and forefingers.

“Yeah, like that, and now squeeze and roll them until I tell you to stop.” She complies, her fingers closing around her nipples and tormenting them as sweet groans leave her parted lips. I tighten my one-handed grip on her legs and thrust even harder into her, until I feel her go over the edge.

Bella's back comes off the bench and she screams a last time, now a sound of purest pleasure.

A few thrusts later my own orgasm hits me, and I sink my teeth into the fleshy part of her calf as I come, leaving my mark on her body after all.

Bella's answering groan mingles with our heavy breathing, and I kiss her skin before I let go of her legs so I can sag half onto her body, my face wonderfully cushioned on her tits.

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