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'threat' of spanking her is more like a promise, but she doesn't move, so I guess she just wants to go right to the main course and bypass the appetizers.

I push my cock between her pussy lips and rub it up and down a few times, gathering some of her juices and teasing her clit along the way. Her back bows slightly but she keeps her chest and hands pressed against the table, looking straight forward at our reflection in the glass of the windows. If it wasn't raining outside I would fuck her bent over the terrace railing, but I'd rather we didn't end up with pneumonia.

A few muffled sounds come from her when I keep teasing her, she’s clearly displeased, and I smirk down at her. I'm even tempted to make myself orgasm that way, and leave her hanging dry for the night. Frustration is a powerful tool, and one that I haven't really used with her until now, because I'm a hopeless sap.

The vision of Bella on her knees, frustrated and horny, begging me to just let her come nearly makes me spill my load, and I decide that I will definitely do that, if it's only for one day. I always love being the reason for why she's writhing and moaning, but taking our play time a step farther into really exerting control over her and not just aiming for her pleasure with a kinky background is a whole new turn-on for me. I don't know if she'll like it, but I have to try at least once.

But right now I have to fuck her, and make her come screaming on my cock, and that's exactly what I'm about to do.

Bella moans loudly as I push into her, savoring the sensation of her hot, wet cunt around me. I'm forcing her to stand on her tip toes, so she's tighter than usual, making this even more fun for me. I keep my hand clapped over her mouth while I start fucking her, deep and fast enough to slam her thighs and hips into the table, my other hand digging into her waist to keep her stabilized.

I'm horny as hell but today my restraint is good, and I'm not even close when I feel Bella start to shake all over with her impending orgasm. She's almost passive underneath me but clearly enjoying herself, moaning almost constantly into my palm. Our eyes meet over the reflection in the windows, and a new idea forms in my mind.

“Do you want to come while I keep fucking you like this, love?” She nods immediately, her eyes wide and pleading. I don't think it's possible, but my dick gets even harder, and I increase my pace a little more. The slapping sound of flesh on flesh is ringing though the room, and I decide that now is the time to step up the game.

The moment my hand is off her mouth Bella is panting loudly, a needy moan coming from her, but it cuts off immediately when she feels my fingers on her throat. My other hand is in her hair, drawing her head back so that I can get a better grip, but I don't tighten it as I don't really want to choke her. Yet.

I see in the way her eyes nearly pop out of her head that she knows what I'm up to, my sudden smirk making her tense up. Almost too late I tell her to come, and her whole body hurls itself into her climax. The walls of her pussy grab my cock like a vice, and I have to concentrate not to come immediately. Instead I keep slamming into her, over and over, while my fingers press gently into the column of her throat.

“Oh God, oh God!” she's crying out as a second orgasm builds up inside of her, and this time I let go when I feel her tense up.

We come together, and it's a motherfucking strong release. Just to be sure I let go of her before I can do any accidental damage, but grab onto her hips for my last, deep thrust. This just feels so unbelievably good.

I'm not yet quite down from my high when my brain kicks in, belatedly.

Fuck. I quickly check on Bella, but she seems fine, if a little banged up.

There are a few red marks where my hand has been on her waist, and I guess she'll bruise slightly where I have been pushing her thighs into the edge of the table. But from what I can see she's smiling, and her palms are still pressed into the wood.

I'm grinning like a madman as I lean over her and gently kiss her back, while my hands run down her arms until I can entwine my fingers with hers.

My lips find her mouth and I kiss her, slow and savoring her taste, before I pull her off the table and against my chest.

“You're such a good girl, I'm so proud of you.”

Bella snickers and I can really feel the change in her demeanor as she comes out of sub mode, and my snarky fiancée is back behind those chocolate brown eyes.

“You're such a bastard sometimes!”

I grin down at her and kiss her again, this time a little more emphatically.

She puts up a bit of a fight, her fists pushing against my arms, but her tongue is hungrily invading my mouth while her teeth scrape against my lips. A second later my hand is in her hair and pulling her head back almost painfully until she gasps and stops fighting me, but the challenge remains in her eyes. She's quick to rebound these days, but as long as she's equally fast to switch into sub mode, I really don't care.

“Come again?” I taunt her, my voice low and slightly threatening.

Something close to a moan escapes her, but instead of backing down she just grins at me.

“I'm not taking that back! You are a bastard, and you know it! Doesn't change even if you make me come like that every day! Which I would kind of welcome, although I think I'd be a lame invalid by day three.” She's grimacing and I just can't fight the laughter that's bubbling up in me, so I let go of her and kiss her again, trying to pacify her with the gesture.

She's quick to forgive, as usual, and hums into my neck as I hug her close.

“If you ask me nicely, you know I'm always happy to fuck you into oblivion in almost any kind of way.”

“Promise me you always will be?”

A rather unbidden image of a time when old age will keep us from doing just that invades my mind, but then growing old together with her doesn't scare me. We'll find a way, I'm sure of that.

“Promise. Always.”

I sweep her off her feet then and carry her upstairs, much to her delight, and we entertain ourselves with silly ideas of how and where we could keep up that 'daily fuck into oblivion' idea all over our new home until we fall asleep in each other's arms.

Chapter 6

Another 36 hours shift, and then it's Friday, and I can finally sleep. Sleep, sleep, sleep. And sleep is even better, because I know that once I'm awake again, Bella will be home soon, and we finally have time to do the first of our planned scenes.

I know she's excited, and I definitely got the evil eye from her when I told her that she has to wait another two days until we can get there because of my insane working hours. I love her even more when she's all grumpy because something is messing with her plans. It's weirdly cute, and knowing how horny and wet she must be is like a constant reminder to me of why life is good.

After only five hours of being out cold, I'm awake again and weirdly wound up. Normally I would now set up the playroom as I have nothing else to do, but I guess as we already did the talking, Bella will appreciate it if I show her what exactly needs to be done before we can start. I spend my time watching TV, until Alice calls at three to confirm that we'll meet her and Jazz at nine downtown at the new club she's been pestering us all about.

We chat for a while, and it's nice to talk to Alice again. She won't be here for Bella's birthday as the NY fashion week starts exactly the same day, so she decided we should go out and celebrate before that. That day is, incidentally, today. I would rather have spent the evening cuddling on the couch, as I'm hoping to wear Bella out before then, but when Alice declares something, it's not like any of us can say no. Or of late none of us really dare, not even Bella.

Beth is right, I'm shutting down every time that topic is mentioned and I need to do something about that, but compared to Alice I'm working through my issues. Most of the time she doesn't even seem to recognize the shit that went down. For her, it's as if nothing ever happened. Can't be healthy, but I'm not the one to tell her that nothing good will come of it.

She's happy, why should I be the one to rain on her parade? That, and she keeps Jasper out of my face, no need to change that, either.

Alice has to end the call after fifteen minutes because she gets caught up in the last minute preparations, and I'm not too devastated as a short while later Bella is home. From across the room I can tell that she's giddy, and her emphatic hug and passionate kiss underline that even more. I'm laughing when she's all over me, but I finally extricate myself from her as I know that we'll both be happier if we postpone the groping to after we're upstairs.

“So, ready to do the next stage of the planning, before we can finally get to the fun part?”

Bella nods, but then she's suddenly scarlet in the face. I grin at her blush and gently trail my thumb over her hot cheek.

“What's wrong?”

“Nothing's wrong,” she tries to evade me, but it only take a stern look and she falters. “Not wrong, exactly. I just don't want your tongue in my butt today!”

Her voice is all high pitched and frantic, and I just can't stop myself, I have to laugh at her shriek. For a moment Bella's just staring at me, before the look of panic morphs into something close to a sneer.

“Why are you laughing like that? It's so not funny! I also don't understand why your one goal in life seems to be to constantly embarrass me!”

“Okay, okay, calm down, I'm not laughing at you,” I try to pacify her, but of course she doesn't buy it.

“Sure you are!”

I sigh and try to show some unique chagrin so she'll calm down again.

“Okay, yes, I admit it, I just laughed at you, but just because you're so fucking adorable when you blush like that. It doesn't happen too often anymore, you know?” I lean closer and look deep into her eyes, while I cup her still flaming cheeks with my hands. “I adore your blush. And I love you.

Forgive me?”

She's already grinning when I add the last two sentences and I can literally see her fury melt. I'm still awed at how strong her feelings for me are that she's so quick to overlook it when I'm deliberately acting like an idiot.

“Just this once.”

I kiss her hungrily instead of answering, and she leans into me for a moment, but then she's dancing away from me, up the stairs.

“I'll take a quick shower, see you in the playroom!” I follow her slowly and change into my leather pants while she's in the shower. Normally I would join her, but I'm not sure I can keep my hands to myself for long. Ten minutes later she joins me in the playroom, dressed only in a fluffy bathrobe, her hair tied into a high ponytail.

“Okay, so how do we start?”

I grin at her eagerness and kiss her nose gently, before I start my usual pre-scene routine – which is dishearteningly boring, as Bella will soon find out. I show her the whole emergency kit – scissors for cutting ropes that need to come off, a knife for everything the scissors won't cut, the first aid kit, trauma blanket, fire extinguisher, the cooling pads I just got from the freezer. Her enthusiasm doesn't curb, but I can tell that she's never considered in detail what can go wrong.

After we're done with that, I fetch the things I intend to use today and meticulously check everything twice. There are no knots or weak parts in the hemp ropes, the lube bottle is half full, the latex of the butt plug is smooth and has no tears, and the padded bench is clean after the last time we've used it. I then show Bella the stocks and how they are fixed to the bench – and I can see her anxiety peek through the excitement for the first time.

“Any second thoughts?”

She shakes her head immediately, but she's also gnawing on her bottom lip.

“No, of course not, I trust you.”

“I didn't question your trust in me, but if you're too apprehensive, now's the time to speak up.”

Bella nods but remains silent. To myself I can admit that I'm relieved that she's still a little hesitant. I believe that she really trusts me, and I hope I've earned that by now, but it's good that she also thinks for herself what she does or doesn’t want to get into.

“Great. Anything else you wanna know or add to our planning? Because if not, I'm done with all the preparations.”

A few moments pass before she shakes her head, and ditching her fluffy robe by the door, she kneels down on her cushion, assuming her waiting position. I remain standing by the bench for a while, and just take her in, feeling my own excitement slowly catch up with me.

Two days since our little romp on the table, and by now the marks I left have pretty much faded for good. Only a few mottled spots remain on her waist where I'd been gripping her pretty hard are still visible as such. I love being rough with her, and it's good that she doesn't bruise too easily.

All of a sudden I'm obsessed with the idea of leaving some mark or other on her that I can think of later tonight, when we're out meeting with the others. Nothing as severe as spanking her until she can't sit down, but I want her to carry something of me around that reminds us both of what we've been up to.

I wander over to her and lean down so that my lips are right next to her ear, watching with a smile how goose bumps break out all over her skin. My voice is low when I speak, and I try to sound as seductive as possible.

“Just how far are you willing to go today?”

Her breath hitches for a moment, before she relaxes again.

“As far as you want to take me, Master.”

“I want you to pick one of the impact toys that you like, and then tell me how many times you think you can stand being hit with it.” I can't really spank her as long as she's in the stocks as I need her to keep relatively still, so I want to use something that doesn't make her react too much. A crop would be ideal, but I want her to choose, as that always leaves a more lasting mental impression.

Bella hesitates, and I wonder what she's considering. Almost anything she picks can be used to either tease or really torment her. When she finally answers, her voice is husky but strong.

“The soft leather flogger, with the blue and black handle, please? And I'm sure I can take thirty hard hits, Sir.”

I don't even try to hide a grin as I place a gentle kiss onto her neck before I get up. A really good choice, and one that fits perfectly into my plan. We got the flogger together, and Bella has grown rather fond of it. I know how much she loves to feel the light sting on her ass, or just the sensation of the soft strands running over her body. I wonder how much she will hate me when I turn one of her favorite toys against her, but she'll likely forgive me at some point between the second and third time I make her come.

I take the flogger from its place on the wall and lay it down next to my other things, before I turn back to Bella. She hasn't moved, but when I snap my fingers and point at the bench she's quick to get up and onto the padded table. From up close it's evident that she's shaking slightly, and I run my hands over her naked back a few times to soothe her. A calm look appears on her face as she savors my touch and relaxes for a moment.

Of course I have to take the opening for what it is, and Bella gasps loudly when my hand comes down hard on her ass.

“Time to lock you up. Place your wrists and neck in the stocks.” She hesitates, and this time I don't let that go unpunished. I slap her ass again with more force, and Bella lurches forward, grasping onto the wooden frame with her hands. Four more spanks before I stop to admire the deep red patches that are now on her otherwise light skin, then I stalk over to her head.

Bella immediately averts her gaze when she sees me glare at her, and before I can admonish her, she leans forward and assumes the ordered position. She's trembling slightly, but as her breathing calms down so does the shaking.

“Don't make me punish you again,” I tell her in a stern voice, and I see the muscles in her throat move as she swallows. It hasn't happened often, but there have been a few incidents when she called down a little more on herself than she bargained for. I don't really mind disciplining her, and I kind of like her playful, somewhat bratty character, but there's a time and place for that, and today is definitely neither. I know some Doms would cane that behavior right out of her, but that's not my style. Though even I have my limits of what I will tolerate, and today she's pushing back in the wrong places. We're doing something new, so I need to be careful with her, and can't risk that things take on a dynamic of their own.

Bella tenses up all over as I shut the stocks and secure the top part of the frame with a small latch. I could lock it, but I deliberately don't. The way the stocks are constructed the latch will disengage if she moves enough, to ensure that, contrary to what I told her, she can easily get out of them if she has to. As with so many other things, locking her up like this is a mind thing, and the fact that she trusts me enough to let me do this to her is more of a turn on than actually securing her for real would be.

While she's still calming down I fetch the rope, and after prying her knees apart I tie her legs to the bench. That forces her into a halfway uncomfortable position, which, of course, is intentional. She's kneeling on the low, padded table now with her knees farther apart than her hips, and the height of the stocks is forcing her to push her ass high in the air, completely open and vulnerable. There's a definite strain on her spine as she has to keep her back straight to avoid putting too much pressure onto her wrists and neck inside the padded wooden frame, but the whole setup isn't designed for her comfort. Not even for mine, I dryly admit to myself, as I will have to bend my knees so I can fuck her mouth, and I might have to actually get onto the bench if I want to stick my dick into another part of her, but that's equally not the point. If we wanted comfort, we'd be lying side by side in our bed, after all.

I check the rise and fall of her chest again, and decide that I've given her enough time to calm down and get accustomed to the awkward position I'm forcing her to assume. Her eyes are closed and she seems to be murmuring something under her breath, probably telling herself to stay composed.

I slowly make my way around her once to check again that she can't jerk in the restraints and injure herself, before I stop and crouch down next to her face so that we're on eye level. She hesitantly glances at me, but keeps her eyes down even when I address her.

“I've changed my mind about what I want to do with you now that I have you all helpless before me.” Fuck with her mind before you do the same with her body. “I'm only going to fuck two of your holes, your mouth being one. I'll be considerate and even let you chose the other. So what's it gonna be?”

Bella swallows again, but doesn't hesitate with her answer.

“Please fuck my ass, Sir.”

“Good girl.”

I gently stroke her cheek, but when I see her smile I grab her hair and yank her head to the side so that she's staring right at me.

“You're going to be my good, obedient slut today, right? Or will I have to make you obey me again?”

She hurries to nod her head, as much as her position and I will let her.

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