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"Keep it in. While I fuck your ass I want you to keep licking and sucking on it as much as you can."

Seeing the business end of the plug protrude from her mouth as it softly bobs up and down with the motions of her mouth makes my hard-on almost painful, and I decide I've fooled around long enough.

A few hard slaps on her ass later, I unzip my pants and free my cock, and after slathering on some more lube I push directly into her ass. Bella moans softly while her hips rock back towards me, the gag muffling most of the sound coming from her throat, but of course doing nothing to dim the squelch of the lube.

Without further ado I grab her hips and start fucking her hard, her heels lending her just the right height so that the position isn't uncomfortable for me and I can thrust into her as fast and deep as I want. Which I do, while my fingers keep digging into her flesh.

I'm ready to come much too quickly so I slow down, slapping her ass some more while I set a more leisurely pace. She's panting loudly but otherwise tries to keep from making any sounds, while her legs are shaking from both the strain of the position and from trying to keep from reaching her orgasm .

If I were really evil I would just reach around and rub her clit. I'm sure she would be unable to hold back then, but I don't feel like it right now. Simply letting her take what I dish out is enough, and feels great.

With a few hard thrusts I finally come inside of her, making sure I push my cock in as deep as possible. Her legs tremble a lot when I pull back out, and I quickly grab the plug from between her teeth. Rolling it in the trickle of sperm coming from her ass, I push it back into her, making sure that the mess making her thighs sticky doesn't increase any further.

"Stand straight."

She complies immediately, nearly losing her footing for a moment, then turns to face me when I pull on her elbow softly. Even in the dim light I can see how wild her eyes are, but once I've wiped the drool off her chin she looks remarkably composed – for someone standing naked from the waist down on a rooftop in April.

Reaching for the side of her neck, I gently cradle her head while I stroke her cheek, then pull her close to kiss her with a lot of heat and need, which soon simmers down to languid lust. My free hand finds her ass and I grab it, pushing my knee between her still spread legs so I can rub my thigh against her exposed sex. Bella stays passive for a while before I give an affirmative grunt when she slowly strokes my side. Then her arms are around my shoulders and she's melting against me, deepening the kiss even further.

The sound of the door opening somewhere behind us makes me still, but as all they could possibly see is my back, I don't really mind. Still, I grab the hem of her dress and slide it down over her exposed ass, just to be sure.

The sound of conversations spilling out cuts off quickly as the door closes again, and a look over my shoulder reveals that we're still alone.

When I turn back to her I find Bella grinning up at me, her fingers idly playing with the short hairs at the nape of my neck. I return her smile, then gently extract myself from her. Keeping one hand splayed over the small of her back, I lead her towards the door, this time to leave for good.

Thankfully we encounter very few people on the way to the coat check and down to the car, and none of them look at us too closely. I can't help feeling like it must be obvious to everyone that we've just fucked on the roof, but it's a feeling of exhilaration, not one of concern. The smile playing around the corners of Bella's mouth tells me that she's thinking along the same lines.

All gentleman, I hold the door of the car for her again before I get in myself.

She relaxes into the seat, about to re-arrange her legs in a lady-like manner, but I keep her from it by placing one hand on her knee.

"Keep your legs spread."

I can feel the muscles in her thighs relax before she obediently opens them further, suddenly no longer as much at ease as before. I give her a slightly wry grin as I turn away and ease into traffic, dividing my attention between her and the road.

Minutes pass by and I watch her lose that slightly guarded look again.

Stopping at a red light I check my watch, then take a left turn that brings us into the dark parking lot of a store that has closed down for the night already. Bella looks slightly bewildered but I can clearly see anticipation light up her gaze.

"Close your eyes and lean forward a little."

She obeys immediately and I reach across her to get a blindfold out of the glove compartment. On the outside it looks a little like a sleeping mask, but the padding around the eyes and lower rim prevents any light from actually reaching her eyes once I put it on her, so that she's now cast into complete darkness.

When I pull back into traffic, the sound of her decidedly increased breathing is the only noise that I hear from her, but now all of the previous ease is gone from her posture. The temptation is there to simply ask her what she thinks I'm up to, but I know that my silence is an integral part of pulling her under fast.

We're nearly at our destination when I speak up, her head turning instinctively toward the sound of my voice.

"Take off the dress, but leave the shoes and stockings on."

As before she doesn't hesitate, even though her mind must be racing. As I haven't specified what she should do with the dress, she leaves it discarded on the floor between her legs once she has shimmied out of it.

Just to fuck with her I take a wrong turn, in the unlikely event that she has kept track of our moves and knows where we might be. Not that our destination is that hard to guess.

Just before we reach the last intersection, I tell her to hold out her hand, then give her the clover clamps, connected by a short chain.

"Put these on your nipples."

By the time I park the car Bella is positively vibrating with tension, her nipples hard not just because of the clamps now constricting them. She remains sitting motionless when I turn off the engine, then get out of the car. My cock is hard again and I briefly consider fucking Bella's mouth to take care of that. Now that we're alone and out of sight of anyone who might sic the cops on us I could actually enjoy it without second thoughts.

In the end I decide against it because that would likely take her mind off being psyched over what she doesn't yet know, and I want to keep her out of her usual comfort zone as long as possible.

She doesn't move until I open the door and take her hand, and her fingers dig almost painfully into the arm that I offer her for support. I inwardly curse her stupid heels when she almost trips during the short walk from the car to the door, and I walk backwards in front of her as I lead her down the stairs.

A ghost of a smile flits over her face when her suspicions about our destination are confirmed, but she keeps silent.

Downstairs I pause for a moment, wondering if I should utter any last minute directions, but I know that they are not really necessary. The time for intimacy and languid kisses has passed; now we're up to something more fun.

Switching my grip from her arm to the chain between the nipple clamps, I tug roughly on them until she takes the hint and follows me. I'm proud that she immediately assumes her usual standing position – spread legs and arms crossed behind her back – when I stop at the last door downstairs, then lead her inside.

As I suspected from the number of cars outside, we're the last to arrive, which suits me just fine. Heads turn but no one stops speaking when we enter. I leave Bella standing three steps into the room then walk over, alone, to greet everyone. I'm sure that Bella recognizes at least some of them by their voices, most of all Beth and her loud, slightly edgy laugh, but at this point I don't really care. Peter and I shake hands, Charlotte hugs me fondly, and Beth either attempts to crack my ribs or doesn't quite succeed at fondling my ass, I'm not quite sure which. Gerard leaves his greeting at a silent nod which tells me that, while Beth has allowed him to stay clothed tonight, he's on some kind of restriction I don't intend to breach.

Our community is a small and very informal group normally, but tonight everyone is wearing dresses and suits, although Charlotte's is made of vibrant purple latex. A few more minutes pass with chatter and bantering, while I keep eyeing the center of my attention, at the moment still waiting patiently next to the door where I left her.

When we run out of things that needed to be said and excuses for making Bella wait, I extricate myself from the merry band of misfits and walk back to her. I can see her straighten a little as she hears me approach, but she doesn't make a sound when I stop behind her and pull her against me, one of my hands grabbing her breast, the other on her lower stomach, inches away from her pussy.

"I hope you didn't think we'd go straight home after dinner, because as you must have realized by now, I'm not done with you for tonight."

She doesn't react verbally to my words but I hear her utter a low moan under her breath, a clear sign of just how excited she is. Digging my fingers into her tit ,I let my other hand stray down to rub over her labia, already wet and swollen with excitement. A quick lick over the side of her neck has her shuddering, and she gasps when I bite down there none too gently.

When I speak, I pitch my voice loud enough to carry, even if my words aren't news to anyone.

"You asked me to be my obedient slave for the day, to be used and abused however I see fit, to please me in whatever way you can, right?"

She doesn't need a hard pinch of her nipple to answer, but the gasp she utters when I do just that anyway goes straight to my cock.

"Yes, Master."

Kissing the skin where I've just bitten down, I go on, a wry grin on my face that Bella obviously can't see.

"I think it will please me a lot to watch you service my friends."

Another kiss while she moans again, her body now covered in goose bumps, and when I let go and step around to her front, I see her lick her lips. Trying hard to suppress a snort, I reach for the chain between the nipple clamps again and pull on it, making her follow me quickly across the room.

Her excitement coupled with her inability to see makes her stumble again, and this time I've had enough. I stop her with a hand on her shoulder, and tell her to kick off the damn heels before something happens to end this wonderful day at my less-than-wonderful workplace. There's a time and place for heels, but blindfolded in a playroom is not it, seeing as neither of us has a foot fetish or a desire for an Emergency Room trip.

A lot surer on her bare feet, Bella follows me as I keep leading her across the room, then make her stop next to a table the others are standing next to.

"Climb onto the table, then turn around so that everyone can see you.

Spread your legs and keep the heels of your feet on the table, and lean back on your elbows."

She follows my instructions quickly and to the letter, with minimal fumbling around the furniture with her fingers as she still can't see a thing. By the time she's done rearranging herself, her cheeks are flushed with excitement, the knowledge that she's presenting herself for everyone to see clearly adding to the fun.

I let her lie there in silence for a bit, waiting for her anticipation to build, before I briefly run my fingers over her exposed cunt. The plug is still comfortably wedged in her ass, and she bites down on her lower lip to stifle a moan when I push lightly on it, making it move inside of her. She loses the battle when I skim my fingers upwards again over her swollen labia, then stay stroking them, making sure to touch the rings of her piercings along with her flesh.

"About these," I briefly stop to pull on one of the rings. "I'm not sure the others know. Did you ask me before you got them?"

"No, Master."

"Did you even tell me beforehand?"

She's still smiling when she replies.

"No, Master."

"Do you have any idea how many hours I've spent frustrated and with a hard-on because you got your cunt lips pierced and I had to wait months for them to be healed enough to play with?"

"A lot I hope, Master," she replies, her usual cockiness shining through for a moment, something I reward with a hard slap right on her pussy, making her cry out – but not stop smiling.

"Damn right you are," I grunt, then continue stroking her labia. "Whose cunt is this?"

We don't really do any of the possessive role playing crap usually, so I'm surprised when she answers with a meek, "Yours, Master."

"Indeed. And while I'm happy to let my friends use your mouth and ass, I don't want anyone to use my cunt. I should make sure that no mishaps happen there, don't you think?"

"Yes, Master."

Her voice has gotten even throatier than before, every breath heavy and loud now, and she lets out something close to a mewl when I start removing one ring after the other from her outer labia. The piercings have all healed completely a while ago but paranoia had me waiting another couple of weeks for something like this.

Once her labia are completely unadorned I stop, then look up to her face where she's again chewing on her bottom lip. While keeping her blindfolded until now has served me well, I think it's time to give her some visual stimulation, too.

"Take the blindfold off."

She shifts her weight onto one shoulder so that she doesn't need to move her body too much, then pushes the blindfold back, blinking a little from the light for a moment before she is able to see anything. Her eyes flit to me for a second but then she looks down, not really a sign of demureness, but at least a shot at it.

Reaching into the pocket of my jacket I get a small box out, then put it next to her foot so that she can't see inside it right away. With nothing else to focus on, her gaze falls to her pussy when I pick up stroking her labia again, then I pinch the puffy flesh until she moans.

Opening the box I get out two rings, both similar to the four she's been wearing in design but slightly thicker and with a larger diameter. Her breath hitches again, then gets more labored when I put one ring through the top two piercings of her labia, and the other through the bottom two, effectively pulling her labia closer together and keeping them that way. I'm sure that she's dying to touch them but she doesn't even try. Another moan escapes her when I reach into the box again and reveal a small padlock to keep the two rings locked together.

Once I'm done putting everything in place I gently pull on the padlock, making her utter another of those sinful, low noises. With just two pairs of piercings it's really mostly a cosmetic setup, seeing as I could still put anything from two fingers to a vibrator into her cunt. Both the psychological effect and the unfamiliar sensation from the increased weight and the consequential pull on her pussy lips definitely adds to her horniness.

"Get on your hands and knees, then present your cunt and ass to those you will be entertaining shortly."

Bella follows my directions, even if her hands and legs are so shaky that it takes her a lot longer than it should. Once she's kneeling there with her thighs spread and her ass pushed in the air, she seems to calm down a bit more. The padlock swings enticingly until she has stopped moving, and she shudders again when I flick it idly with my finger.

"I'm not sure everyone can really see you that well," I go on, stepping to the side. She obediently brings her hands to her behind and pulls her cheeks further apart, making the base of the butt plug that much more obvious where it rests against her skin.

"She's all yours." I turn to the others, gesturing at Bella while I step further away from her. "Use her well."

Every one of them has a copy of Bella's checklist as well as the list that's still lying untouched in our nightstand, and they know that 'do whatever you want' translates into just a handful of things that I've talked about with Beth.

Yet, as the point of the scene is for Bella to get to live her idea of being passed around and used by others for my amusement, I don't point that out again. She trusts me blindly and knows that she can use her safeword at any moment if she needs it, but right now anticipation and lack of definite knowledge about what's going to happen are obviously what she appreciates most.

I somehow expected Beth or Peter to be the first to speak up, seeing as it's usually the more dominant people who don't just stand around and wait for something to happen and for others to break the tension, but it's Charlotte who steps away from her husband's side and walks over to Bella.

"Such a pretty girl we have here," she remarks as she runs her fingers over Bella's ass and down one thigh, skipping over the dark marks left over from whip, cane and fingers digging in alike. "But I think there's something missing. Show us your tits."

Bella straightens obediently, then shimmies around until she's facing the group, lacing her fingers together behind her head. Charlotte purses her lips as she runs her finger along the chain, not pulling on it but obviously making Bella feel it.

"Ah, I know, you would be so much prettier in a corset."

She turns around and walks back to the main group, then bends down and retrieves Bella's cyan-colored, satin waist-cincher from the toy bag I've I left at Beth's the day before. Her motions are quick and efficient when she starts tightening the laces at Bella's back, and she keeps going until Bella looks vaguely uncomfortable, but still highly aroused.

"You're a big girl, I don't think I need to coddle you," Charlotte tells her when she ties off the laces, then runs her hands admiringly over Bella's restricted waist and up to her tits. Unlike what I would have expected from Beth, she leaves it at a few soft touches, stroking and caressing and in a way teasing Bella more than any kind of pinching would have.

She then resumes her former place with a smile in my direction, and her husband is next. Peter stops in front of Bella and just stares at her with that unnerving calm I think I'll never perfect myself. Already horny as hell, Bella starts to get jumpy quickly, acting just as he must have intended.

"You're not really much use to us if you fidget like that." Looking over at me, he raises his brows. "Care to lend me a hand? Just for old times' sake."

"Of course," I nod, then follow him to the extensive rope rack at the other side of the playroom. It feels just like it did years ago when he was teaching me how to do proper bondage. Peter picks up coil after coil of rope and deposits them in my arms, before we return to Bella. He eyes her critically but now it's more the gaze of an artist considering his canvas rather than an attempt to fuck with her mind, but it still has about the same effect.

When he's satisfied with whatever he's come up with in his mind, he tells Bella to follow him over to the already conveniently set up suspension ring, hanging down from the ceiling on a thick hemp rope connected to the winch at the wall.

The first thing he does is remove the clover clamps from her nipples, making her wince a little when he twists her nipples once they are free again. After telling her to gather her hair up in a quick ponytail and to keep her hands at her back, he starts with some basic breast bondage – several turns of rope around her torso and arms. He then ties her wrists and arms together and to the other ropes, before he uses two last lengths to wind around each of her boobs, forcing them to stick out due to the amount of compression on them.

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