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Page 61

A check on the plug reveals that it has deflated considerably from her bearing down on it so hard, something I have to remedy fast. Once the plug is back to its largest circumference I grab the base and start to move it inside of her, even though there's little give at first. Eventually it deflates a little more while her muscles gradually relax. When a light pull allows the thickest part to pop out of her sphincter, I'm pleasantly surprised by how much she can take.

Crouching down between her legs I get a better grip on the plug's base, then ease it into her before I pull it back out. She slowly relaxes further as I keep going, even when I increase the diameter of the plug again with a few pumps. A loud moan leaves her when I lick languidly over her clit, then start tonguing it in turn with fucking her ass with the plug.

Before long I have her writhing underneath me again, this time not from pain, although I'm sure that the dark lines the whip and cane have left on her ass and thighs must still hurt. I can tell that she's close to coming soon, but I don't stop when I feel her legs go rigid. She orgasms soon after that, huffing and groaning into the gag, followed by a yelp when I pull the plug out completely and drop it on the floor.

Armed with a generous amount of lube on my fingers, I push three of them into her ass, quickly adding a fourth when I feel that she can take it without needing any further stretching. Her eyes look up at me but I'm not sure she's really able to focus on me anymore, and I resume fucking her while stroking her clit with two fingers now.

While I would love to get my whole fist inside of her, it's obvious that I will need to spend a lot more time stretching her. As it is, I'm rather happy with how much she seems to enjoy the added attention today. Yet eventually my own need grows too strong and I stop, then lube up my cock before I thrust into her ass, my fingers continuing to rub her clit. Relaxed as she is I don't need to waste any time going slow now, and the closer she gets to climaxing again, the tighter her ass grips my cock.

"Don't fucking come before me!" I tell her seconds before I can't hold back anymore. She follows moments later, bearing down hard on my cock that is now buried deep inside of her ass. Slumping onto her, I keep my head pressed against her breast for a moment before I pinch her nipple, then pull back, leaving her spread on the bench with my come slowly leaking out of her ass.

Even after my own ragged breathing has leveled out I can hear her panting loudly, and she has that blissed out, high smile on her face that I love so much. Leaning over her again I kiss her roughly, then a little gentler as she joins in with fervor. Bella is still grinning when I move back just enough to look down at her, obviously satisfied and quite the worse for wear, her hair sticking to her sweat-soaked face and arms.

"I think we're off to a good start to the day, wouldn't you say?"

Her answer is a cut-off throaty laugh, speaking of exhilaration as much as of exhaustion.

"Shit, I don't think I'll survive until tomorrow if you keep going like this!"

"Let's see about that, shall we?" I offer, then start to undo the restraints one by one. One thing I agree with, if we keep on like this, neither of us will be able to stand by evening, but I don't think that will be much of a problem if things go even roughly according to plan. For now I'm happy that we've had a good start to what is going to be a very long day for both of us.

Chapter 36

After a long shower and some restful time spent cuddling together in bed, we while away a good part of the day the way we do any other free time together. A long brunch included, we spend hours talking, reading, laughing, and on two occasions fucking, but nothing out of the ordinary. I'm still a little tempted to make her kneel on the floor or fetch me something, but in the end doing either of those would just leave me feeling stupid, so I refrain. By five in the afternoon we're both somewhat tired and sore, and I can tell that Bella is getting a little antsy again with excitement. She obviously expects me to have planned something to rival this morning's scene, and who am I to disappoint her?

"Why don't you go upstairs and take a shower? We'll be heading out in an hour," I say, finally putting an end to our lazing around. Bella looks surprised at first, seeing as she hasn't really worked up that much of a sweat since our last, somewhat extensive time hours ago in the bathroom, but then her face lights up.

"Heading out as in a dinner date?"

I shrug and leave it at a wry grin.

"Are you going to start questioning me now?"

Naturally she picks up on the sharp tone of my voice, her expression a weird cross between a meek smile and a raunchy leer.

"Of course not."

"Then off you go. I expect you ready and waiting for me at six o'clock in the bedroom. Naked."

While she's busy doing whatever women do when they think they need to prep themselves, I spend most of my time on the phone, making sure that everything works according to plan. When I go upstairs to dress myself I can still hear the blow dryer from the adjacent bathroom, mingled with some terribly off-key singing – it's one thing Bella is really bad at, but she would be insufferable if she were perfect.

I'm shrugging into my jacket when I hear her pad into the room behind me.

When I turn, she's already kneeling by the foot of the bed, head bent meekly, her hair flowing free in soft waves around her shoulders. She has put on some make-up, tasteful yet understated, as she usually does when she prepares for a special night out. I almost smirk at her addition of deep red lipstick. Bella never wears lipstick, as she claims she's not a dainty enough girl to only sip champagne and not leave stains everywhere.

Considering that I prefer her in jeans drinking a bottle of beer anyway, that has never even caused a raised eyebrow from me, but I certainly appreciate the thought.

Time to start the fun.

"You remember what I told you this morning before I changed plans?"

She nods, her eyes still fixed on the floor in front of her.

"Repeat it to me."

"I'm not to look at you or speak unless spoken to, and you expect me to be on my best behavior as your slave, Master."

It still sounds weird to me, but for what I've planned this should actually work. I hope.

"Good. Once we are around people you are allowed to look at me, but I still expect you to behave in a composed and polite manner, without any senseless chatting. Tonight I don't want to see any hesitation on your part to follow my instructions."

She remains kneeling, motionless, in silent acquiescence, until I tell her to get up.

"Choose a dress that is elegant but shows off your body."

Bella is quick to pick a short, black dress, holding it out for me to inspect.

"Do you need a bra with that?"

She looks pensive for a moment, then shakes her head.

"Good. Put that on with stay-up stockings and heels. Make sure you can walk in them."

In no time she is dressed, looking fabulous as expected. The sleek dress hugs her curves perfectly, leaving one shoulder completely free, the other barely covered due to its asymmetrical cut. At my direction she turns around, showing the dress off from all sides, and doesn't hesitate when I tell her to spread her legs and bend over. The skirt of the dress is short enough to ride up and expose her ass and pussy. I leave her standing like that while I fetch a few things from the playroom.

I'm not surprised when I find her just as I've left her, and she doesn't move much when I start to lube up her ass and spread her open with my fingers.

A low moan escapes her as I ease in the new plug she's not yet familiar with – it's larger than the medium-sized one we usually use, but I know that after taking in four of my fingers, she'll manage just fine. Lastly, I have her step into the straps affixed to a small butterfly vibrator, nestling it securely between her labia so that the toy can easily stimulate her clit and everything down to her vaginal opening. I felt somewhat stupid buying it, but even simple things like that can have their uses – even more so with the remote control safely stored away in my pocket.

After making sure that everything stays in place I tell Bella to straighten, and off we go. Always the gentleman, I of course help her into her coat and hold both the condo and car door for her, grinning to myself at her utter lack of verbal response. I can't count the number of times she has accidentally bumped into me when I've tried similar moves, seeing as she's always been a 'do it yourself' kind of woman who doesn't need gallantry to get through her day, but the change is nice for an evening or two.

We don't talk on the car ride over to the restaurant on the other side of town where I've made our reservation. I keep glancing stealthily at her as she sits, her knees together and to the side, so much at ease that it's hard to believe she rarely wears dresses and heels. After parking the car I hold the door for her again and offer her my arm, which she takes with a small, polite smile. I'm sure that if I were to look into her eyes I'd see the same mirth flashing there that I feel, but as she sticks to my rules I'm forced to rely on her body language alone for an indication of her mood.

After a short trip in the elevator we exit on the top floor into the lavish sprawl of the restaurant. We are led to a table over by a window looking out over the city, where I deliberately steer her towards the seat that will leave her back towards the room, keeping her oblivious to anyone looking over at us. It's still relatively early, with only about half of the tables taken, the area around us mostly deserted.

A waiter appears by our side and I order red wine without asking Bella first

– not in a weird display of control, but simply because she doesn't drink white wine, and this isn't really an occasion for beer. She still glances at me somewhat uncertainly as she peruses the menu, and I wonder what she expects me to do next.

Mostly to increase her anticipation, I take my time scanning the menu myself, until I turn to her, trying to sound as neutral as possible.

"Found something you'd like, my dear?"

A frown appears on her forehead, without a doubt because of the term of endearment, but she quickly hides it again. Glancing from me back to the menu several times, she finally looks me in the eyes for the first time since I sent her for her shower hours ago.

"Everything sounds delicious, really. Anything you'd suggest?"

It gets harder by the minute to keep myself composed and not crack a huge smile, but I leave it at a shrug.

"Not particularly, no."

It only gets worse for me when she seems almost disappointed, but I'm sure that will change soon. The waiter returns with the wine and a bottle of water, and we place our order. Once he is out of earshot I aim for the most benign smile I can manage.

"How did you like our day so far?"

She tenses and I can see her try to stealthily glance over her shoulder to check if anyone is within earshot, and that's something that just won't do.

"Eyes remain on me. You don't really think I let you sit down there without a good reason."

Bella looks almost chagrined but her gaze remains fixed on my face. I watch her force herself to relax again as she slowly exhales.

"I enjoyed our day a lot."

Her tone is neutral but it's obvious that she thinks that goes without saying.

Feeling only somewhat evil, I absentmindedly slide my hand into my pocket to where the remote control is hidden, and push the 'on' switch with my subsequent order.


She utters a small yelp and straightens, a light blush creeping onto her cheeks. I know she must be thinking that everyone around us must be aware of what is going on, and it's a testament to her blind faith that it only takes her a moment to comply.

"I liked that at first you made me just kneel there, waiting for you to want to use me."

Her tone is breathy and she licks her lips after that sentence, and I reward her quick answer by hitting the button for the stronger vibration setting. Her eyes go wide and her left hand briefly grabs the tablecloth, but she shows a lot of control over her reactions and sounds almost normal when she goes on, her fingers relaxing once more.

"Yet as much as I enjoyed the anticipation, I'm glad you changed your mind about the scene. It was great suddenly not knowing at all how to react or what was to come. And it was fun to just let go and lose myself in the moment instead of having to hold back as I had been anticipating."

I nod, then switch off the vibrator again. Her shoulders sag a little with relief, and her hand is shaky when she takes a sip of wine, but she's unable to hide a wide smile.

"So you are not disappointed we didn't stick to our initial plan?"

"Not at all," she agrees.

Behind her I see the waiter get ready to bring some garlic bread and salad.

Trying hard not to let Bella see that my attention is split, I nod again, acknowledging her words.

"Which part of it did you enjoy the most?"

Just as she opens her mouth to reply, I switch the vibrator back on to the strongest setting, making her stutter to a halt before she even gets a word out. The waiter puts her salad down on the table in front of her and Bella's blush deepens to real mortification. She remains silent until she is sure we're alone again, even without checking over her shoulder. That won't do.

Keeping the vibe on, my eyes never leaving hers, I spear a slice of tomato with my fork and bite down succinctly on it.

"You should be aware that you only keep adding to your punishment if you keep defying me."

Confusion is obvious on her face for a second before she realizes that she hasn't yet answered me. This time she doesn't hesitate with her reply.

"When you fucked my ass, the plug, your fingers and cock."

Her voice is just a little breathy, betraying her state of arousal, and I keep the vibe on while I watch her push the lettuce around on her plate. When I finally switch it off again she sighs, and I have to grin at the somewhat reluctant quality of the sound escaping her. The temptation is strong to just keep it on until she can't hold back anymore, but I decide against that, as it would be too soon.

Throughout the entire meal I keep tormenting her like that, until I can tell that even with the vibrator switched off she's horny as hell and could come at any moment. While the food is fantastic, it's really me teasing her like this that makes it the meal perfect for me, and I don't think she has anything to complain about, either.

Bella only looks slightly surprised when I don't lead her to the elevator when we leave but instead steer her towards the terrace of the restaurant.

It's still too early in the season for anyone to want to eat outside. The lights are all out, leaving only scant illumination from the restaurant behind us once I close the glass door.

The city is a glittering sea of lights in front of us. I take her arm with a little more pressure than strictly necessary, and pull her along towards the farthest corner from the door. I'm sure that no one will come looking for us, but theoretically someone else could venture outside at any moment to take a smoke.

"Bend over at the waist, hands on the rail, and spread your legs."

She follows my command, and while it's too dark to get a good look at her face, I'm sure her cheeks must be burning brightly. The motion makes her dress hike up, and I only need to tug a little more on the hem to fully expose her ass, making the fabric pool at her lower back.

It's cold enough that I feel the slight sting of cool air on my hands and face, and I can only imagine how it must feel on her naked, exposed pussy. Her whole body jerks when I switch on the vibrator again, but at least she keeps silent and in position.

"You know that I'm going to punish you now."

Not a question but she obediently inclines her head, although she remains silent, seeing as we're no longer among people. Her skin is hot under my fingers as I trail them up one thigh to her ass, then down the other, letting my fingernails rake her skin slightly.

My first, hard slap finds her mostly unprepared, making her rock away from the impact on her right ass cheek, but she's fast to correct the instinctive motion. Barely a groan escapes her when I spank her again, and again, the sound of my hand hitting her ass loud in the night – or at least loud to us.

I really don't hold back, a fact that I soon feel in my palm. After about thirty or forty hard slaps, in her left leg starts shaking from the strain of holding the position. I love that she still hasn't made a sound or tried to shy away from me – in fact when I pause for a moment she wriggles her ass and pushes it towards me a little, making my pants rather uncomfortable.

I decide that she's had as much indirect stimulation as she needs for tonight and shut the vibe off for good, then push the straps that hold it in place down her legs, incidentally stroking her muscles along the way. She's shaking slightly by the time I get up again, but keeps taking the spanking in silence.

I'm too lazy to count, but I guess I must be somewhere around two hundred or so when I stop and rub her ass, digging my fingers into her hot butt cheeks. She utters the softest of moans when I accidentally push against the plug still firmly lodged inside of her. Always one to exploit her weaknesses, I do it again, this time deliberately, but all I get from her in return is a loud intake of breath.

Leaning over her until I can grip the rail right next to her hand, I kiss her jaw, then lightly nudge the side of her neck with my nose while my fingers keep drumming on the plug.

"Do you want me to fuck your ass, right here, out in the open, where anyone could just walk in on us at any moment?"

Her head jerks up so fast that she almost hits me with the back of it. When I slap her hard once, she answers verbally, too.

"Yes, Master, please!"

"I'm not doing this for your benefit," I tell her, then laugh when she keeps pushing her ass into the hand that still rests on it. "I'm only using you to get off, cum-hungry slut that you are."

Bella remains silent but I'm sure that the shiver running through her isn't just from the goose bumps marching over her skin.

"Do you want to be used?" I continue, whispering into her ear. "Do you like being fucked just for my amusement?"

Her answer comes immediately, her voice high and breathless.

"Yes, Master!"

Chuckling darkly I reach back and grip the base of the plug, pulling it out just enough for her anus to slowly relinquish the largest part of it, before I push it back in. Even in the dark I can see the muscles in her arms stand out more clearly as she grips the rail harder, bracing herself against the pleasurable sensation.

When I pull it out completely I straighten, then hold it to her mouth.

"Lick it clean, then suck on it as much as you can."

Bella obediently extends her tongue to obey me, not hesitating for a moment. Once she has gotten most of the lube off the toy I push it into her mouth, letting her suck on it for a little while. The downside of using a large plug is that its diameter is too large to fit between her teeth, but I think we can both deal with that disadvantage. When I grow tired of watching her suck obediently on the plug, I switch it around and insert the base in her mouth.

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