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Page 45


He hesitates, and again it's a deliberate thing like with not using any kind of appellation.

"Trust me, you don't want me to do this with a dry hand," I offer, and I have to fight a grin at how fast he manages to hawk up some saliva. Adding some of my own I grab his cock again and begin stroking him, keeping my hold firm and my motions slow.

"You see, the bottom is always the selfish, demanding one, even if they act all docile and believe that lie themselves. Everything he does is just for his own good."

He at least has the grace to offer a somewhat chagrin smile, which I pointedly ignore. Bringing my other hand into the game now, too, I squeeze his ass cheek briefly before I rub my fingers down his crack. I stroke his anus a little, but even before he can tense in anticipation or apprehension I move on, instead taking his balls into my hand from behind. It doesn't take much pressure to put a noticeable strain on them, one he rewards with a groan, and I let go again to instead stroke his perineum, the region between his anus and sac. He definitely enjoys that, and it seems to get harder for him not to move in either direction of my ministrations.

"One thing you should be aware of, as a bottom, whatever you do has consequences. Every reaction – a moan, a flinch, voluntary or not sends a message, whether you want or not. Deliberate disobedience is usually the easiest to react to, as it's the most obvious you can do. It's also the one most easily dealt with by the top."

He chuckles, the sound conveying just enough guilt not to seem too insulting.

"What, are you going to punish me now for not calling you 'Sir' or something?"

"I should, shouldn't I?" I respond, then withdraw both of my hands at the same time, remaining motionless behind him, just out of reach. At first he keeps standing as he is, but soon he starts to fidget, until he turns his head in an attempt to look at me.

"Shouldn't you spank me or something then?"

"Why do you think I should do that?"

"Punishment, as you just said?" he ventures a guess. Indulging his ignorance I swat his ass briefly, hard enough to sting, but not enough to hurt. He lets out a soft moan, the sound quickly cutting off when I speak again. "Now tell me how that was punishment when you so obviously enjoy it."

He's silent for a while, longer than I expect him to, and when he answers he's sounding rather sober.

"It's stopping and ignoring me, right? Letting me stand here, feeling stupid with my cock still as hard as if you were stroking me without even doing anything, and my own stupidity the only thing keeping me from it. Point taken."

I reward his uncanny insight with a laugh right next to his ear, letting my breath tickle the side of his neck. He jumps, then grows still again, now waiting with a little more patience for me to go on.

When I finally wrap my fingers around his cock again he eagerly thrusts into my hand, and I quicken my pace to get him more excited fast.

"You see, everything involving BDSM is not a guessing game. Not all the rules and commands are always issued verbally, but they should be obvious to everyone involved. Once established, you stick to them, on both sides. As a top, when your bottom starts to act up you bring them back in line. As a bottom, you either obey or you take whatever your misstep, deliberate or not, brings you. There is no room for wanting more or less without letting the other know, the same as leniency doesn't really exist.

Both players know their place, and they need to show and prove that to the other.

"So when we play for real and you act like a brat, I will see that as a provocation. Any bottom will always try to see how far they can go and still get away with it, it's part of human nature, and it's a top's responsibility to show his boundaries clearly and also enforce them. I'm blessed with a sub who thinks it's her responsibility and prerogative to shove me openly or try to manipulate me secretly all the time, which only works because I think she gets off on being put in her place just as much as I do doing that. Don't take any pointers from her there, and don't ever let her get away with it if she tries it on you."

Speeding my hand up further I lean close enough to pick up the faint scent of him, but refrain from touching him anywhere else still. The way his muscles flex all over his body is fascinating and I feel myself respond to him, forcing me to take a step back if I want to avoid pressing my hard cock against his ass. As used as I am to Bella's slight form by now the contrast is even more obvious, and I have to admit, I've missed the challenge of being in control of someone I can't just pick up and throw over my shoulder, or hold down easily with just the weight of my body.

Jazz is close to reaching his orgasm soon, and just when I'm wondering if he'll ask for permission to come or not, he utters a low "Please!"

"Please? Please what?"

"Please let me come?"

It's more a question now than before, and for neglecting to call me 'Sir'

again I leave him hanging for a few more minutes while I add more of a squeeze to my even pumping, but then relent.


And he does, almost immediately, hot streams hitting his stomach and dribbling over my fingers. Locking his muscles Jazz remains standing still then, his loud breathing echoing through the room. With my cock so hard it would be easy to either ask him to repay the favor, or even better, use his mouth for that, but the spell is broken, reality crashing down around us.

When I let go of his cock and step away I see his shoulders shake once, and I can't say if it's exhaustion, or something else.

If it were Bella acting like that I would ask if she was alright, but I don't think Jazz will appreciate that. Even when I step away from him he doesn't move for several seconds, then avoids looking at me as he walks over to the sink to wash the gunk off his body. Grabbing his discarded shorts and t-shirt off the floor I hold them out to him when he finally returns. He accepts them mutely and dresses, the darkness of the room making it impossible to judge the look on his face.

"Feel like sleeping now? I'm sure Bella is already missing us."

I can't tell if his grimace is really a smile, or if I'm just paranoid myself, but he shakes his head after a moment.

"I don't think I can sleep. I'd just keep you awake, and not in the way you might want to be kept awake."

I nod but don't turn to go, feeling that there's still something left unsaid between us. He glances towards the sofa, then back to me as he heaves a sigh.

"I just miss her so much. I wish I didn't because now it makes me feel even worse, like I'm betraying you and Bella. I know it will get better eventually, but right now it just hurts."

His voice is so low that I have trouble understanding him, but his pain is so obvious that it's impossible to miss. I don't know what to do, particularly as I don't think that there is anything I really could do to help, but then follow my gut and hug him, a quick yet warm gesture. He leans into me for the moment it lasts, accepting the strength I offer, but not unhappy when I let go again.

"You know that we both have your back. And neither Bella nor I feel betrayed. I think I would be more concerned if you could just shake her off like that."

Jazz looks up at my words, then nods before he reaches for the remote.

"If you don't mind, I think I'll sleep here."

"Okay. Sure. But if you change your mind, you're welcome upstairs, too."

I leave him to continue his late night channel surfing then, taking the previously gathered clothes up with me. Bella is still soundly asleep just as I've left her, and after undressing I slide under the duvet beside her. I'm still horny although my hard-on has subsided a little, but that changes fast when I snuggle close to her. Immediately she moves into my arms, barely awake as she is, and I kiss her shoulder gently.

Trying to go to sleep now is impossible, but I don't want to wake her up to take care of the hard-on I have from jerking off Jazz. It doesn't feel right.

But the longer I lay there, softly rubbing my cock against her ass, the more I want her, need her, and eventually I give in.

Bella moans when she feels my fingers slide between her pussy lips, rubbing up and down until I feel wetness seeping from her pussy. My other hand is on her breast, kneading gently but insistently, and I continue to kiss her shoulder until she stretches languidly, then turns her face sleepily to me so that I can brush my lips against hers.

"What's with the booty call in the middle of the night? You can't really be horny still from last evening."

"Nope, horny all over again," I confess, then plunge my tongue deep into her mouth while I slide my fingers into her at the same time. Still sleepy but waking up fast now she arches her back into the cage of my arms, then laughs groggily when I pull my head away from hers again.

"Wet dream or something else?"

"Something else," I admit, sounding about as sheepish as I feel, making her laugh.

"What have you two been up to without me? I swear I'm going to throw a fit if you fucked him without me being there to watch. You know how much I want to watch."

The last bits of guilt dissipate at that, and I smile as I kiss her again slowly.

"Nope, we just talked while I jerked him off, against the window."

"Bastard," she purrs, then rolls over, in so doing dislodging my hands, but now she's free to kiss me herself with fervor, while her eager hand does the same thing I was doing to Jazz not long ago.

"I know, you would have loved to watch that, too."

"That of course, but I meant him. Letting you go without taking care of you first."

I would have laughed at her words but her teeth nibbling on my bottom lip keep me from that, so I thrust my hips into her grip more firmly.

"That just doesn't do," she huffs, and when she lets go of my dick without doing anything else I take the hint.

Pushing her over onto her stomach I pull myself up into a crouch over her, already pressing her shoulders into the pillow while I re-arrange her ass to my likings. Pumping my cock twice I align it with her pussy, then push inside, settling more firmly on her so that all she can really move is her hips. She moans into the pillow while I grab her wrists, then cross them over her head so that I can hold them in one of my hands, leaving the other free to prop myself up.

Before I can even start to fuck her she already jerks her hips back, impaling herself deeper on my cock, and that's all the incentive I need. Growling into her ear I draw back, then thrust into her, setting a fast pace as I slam into her, getting rewarded with small, muffled cried every time my crotch meets her ass. She's writhing under me so that I put my free hand between her shoulder blades to keep her down – and at least part of her body still – so she doesn't throw me off or dislodges my cock.

"Fuck. Me. Harder!" I hear her breathless pants, and I comply with fervor, grinning evilly when I feel her lose it a few seconds later. I still wait until she's done convulsing before I let go of her and flip her over, then push one of her knees to her chest and thrust back into her, continuing in missionary so I can ravage her mouth. Bella keeps panting and moaning with abandon, soon thrashing her head around when my fingers on her clit almost make her come a second time.

"Shit. I'm sorry

shouldn't have

forgot to ask


ah!" she

finally gives up to try to form a coherent sentence, pulling me closer with her thighs and arms wrapped around me. That way I have to stop masturbating her but losing myself in her heated, sloppy kisses is worth it, and when I finally come I keep holding her almost tenderly.

Stroking her sweat soaked hair out of her face I grin down at her, then kiss her one last time as I pull her arms from around me and keep them pressed into the mattress. When I rear back she looks up at me, trying hard to look apologetic but failing utterly because of her post orgasmic glow.

"Someone's in deep shit," I reprimand her jokingly, but then kiss her deeply before she can do more than send me one of those pleading, puppy dog looks. "But right now playing is the farthest thing from my mind, so if you will allow me, I'll just let it slide, this once."

"Huh, let me think about that for a minute, the choice is so tough. How about yeah, sure?" she laughs. That settled, I go on.

"Speaking about that, we're going to have to change things up in the playroom a little," I tell her, then lean in to kiss her between sentences. "I'm going to have to do a lot of explaining for Jazz to catch on to a few things, and he's going to need someone to practice on, too."

Bella keeps looking at me expectantly, anticipation so plain on her face that I just need to elaborate.

"It's going to be a lot of stop and go and repeats for you, and considering the only thing he knows how to do is fuck you and make you come, we won't be needing to practice that, right?"

"Right, Master," she offers, mockingly enough that she makes me laugh in turn.

"Good. Because I don't want to hear any whining from you that I won't let you come. You know I don't give a shit about how horny you are, but he does, and I expect you to convince him that you're very happy being left high and dry, or in your case, soaking wet but unsatisfied."

"Of course," she huffs, as if I'm insulting her a little by stressing that – and maybe I even am. I snort, then move back, laying down next to her.

"Now that that is settled, clean my cock, then you can go back to sleep."

She nods, then crawls over me to do just that, but the way she keeps gloating up at me makes me wonder if I shouldn't squeeze a hard spanking in somewhere there. She also doesn't stop once she has licked our combined juices from me but keeps sucking my cock, showing me that

'can' doesn't automatically mean 'must'. Getting the hint I grab her hair and fuck her mouth until I come again down her throat, maybe a bit more roughly than usual, making her choke a few times.

I still must have done something right as she comes back into my arms with a bright smile on her face, and I curl around her after slapping her ass hard once. She just grunts, then closes her eyes, still smiling. I'm out cold before long, satisfied and happy for the most part.

Chapter 28

The morning of Thanksgiving I wake up unusually late – probably due to our nightly exploits – and alone. I bide my time stretching and rubbing the grit out of my eyes before I take a piss and don boxers and a t-shirt in what feels a now supercilious attempt at modesty.

I find Bella and Jazz in the kitchen, one cooking, the other making a nuisance of himself. Unable to hide a grin I cross my arms over my chest and lean against a storage cabinet, just watching them for a minute or two as they bicker. From what I can glean from Bella's huffed and angry comments she's trying to prepare a casserole, but Jazz keeps stealing the ingredients, and neither shouting at him nor threatening him with kitchen utensils seems to help. The whole scene looks straight out of some slapstick comedy but is so essentially them that it's less cheesy but highly amusing. My badly suppressed laughter finally gives me away and they both turn in weirdly synchronized motions to look at me.

Walking over to them I enfold Bella in a quick embrace, kissing her in greeting. She molds herself against my body for a moment, but then pushes away to resume cooking. Looking up I meet Jazz's gaze, unsure of why he's giving me a slightly weird look.

"Do you want a good morning kiss, too?"

He snorts, then laughs, shaking his head.

"No offense, but I think I'll decline. Whatever this is between us, I don't really see us holding hands or playing kissy face."

I accept that with a nod, agreeing with him. Bella mutters something about childish morons under her breath, but when I turn to her she's pointedly ignoring me, so I go grab a cup of coffee instead of her. Jazz meanwhile resumes his previous occupation, causing Bella to squawk dismayed in return.

"Stop it! If you keep this up I won't have enough to finish the casserole or the cranberry relish!"

She tries to push him away from the kitchen island with her elbow, but when that doesn't work, she turns to me.

"Don't just stand around there, help me! Or do you want to explain to your mother why we have to show up empty handed?"

I grin at her as I shake my hand, but prefer to sip my coffee instead of intervening.


Bella is glaring at me now, trying to hold the cranberries out of his reach, but Jazz still manages to snag some. She's attempting to twist around to punch him, or at least push him away, but he keeps her from it by stepping closer to her, pretty much holding her wedged between himself and the counter with his body. Not realizing just what kind of effect her incessant squirming has on him she keeps trying to get away, at least until he grabs her hips and attacks her neck, his eager kissing causing her to both cry out and moan at the same time. As he has been counting on, his actions make her stop fighting him, and with a triumphant laugh he grabs another handful of cranberries, before he makes a quick retreat to my side.

Accepting half of his bounty with a laugh I grin at Bella, who needs a few more seconds to clear her head. Then she narrows her eyes and keeps glaring at both of us before she resumes chopping vegetables with a vengeance.

"Just so you know, you're not doing yourselves any favors by ganging up on me," she huffs, then turns her back on us to get a saucepan. Turning to Jazz I raise my brows in a silent question, and his enthusiastic grin is answer enough. Leaving my half empty cup of coffee on the far side of the kitchen I pad over the Bella, then hug her from behind while I gently nuzzle her neck. She relaxes into me instantly, then utters a low chuckle.

"Don't think you can pacify me that easily with gentle kisses, I'm not that gullible or forgiving."

"That wasn't even my intent," I growl into her ear before I grab her firmly and haul her over to the fridge, the next best hard surface I can press her against, her whole front flush with the aluminum front. She nearly headbutts me when she tries to rear away, but keeping her in place by leaning into her I use that as an excuse to pull her head farther back and to the side to expose her neck. Keeping my palm over her mouth to muffle any of the obscenities she seems to want to hurl in my face I bite down on the sensitive skin just below her ear, making her buck against me.

"You really think you can order me around?" I playfully sneer, then bite her again, hard enough to draw a pained gasp from her. Wedging my free hand between her lower stomach and the pane I spin us both around so that now she's facing the room while my back is pressed against the fridge, and she tries to fight me again, but only for a second.

Then Jazz steps up to her and extends both of his arms so that his palms are pressed against the fridge next to my head, effectively locking Bella in between us. He briefly grins at me before he stares into Bella's face, dark intensity heavy in his eyes.

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