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She still gives a start when she hears the telltale snap of latex gloves as Beth dons them, before she leans over Bella and lets her covered fingers run over Bella's tits once more. Concern quickly gives way to excitement when Beth continues what she has done before but without the kissing, until she leans back to retrieve a bunch of thick rubber bands from the still covered tray. Placing them on Bella's stomach Beth then grabs her right tit and starts pushing several of the bands up to the base, until the constricted fleshy globe sticks up invitingly from Bella's chest. Beth then continues to do the same with Bella's other breast until both of them are equally prepped, before she adds a last, thinner rubber band to Bella's nipples, drawing a few ragged pants from her as she winds the band tightly around it a few times.

Admiring her work for a moment Beth leans down to lick over the now obscenely erect nipples a few times before she sits down, leaving Bella to stew for a while so the restricting rubber bands can do their magic. Within minutes Bella's tits darken to a lovely pink hue, but the constriction isn't hard enough to be of any real concern as long as we watch it. Soon her breasts will start to ache, then become really sensitive, and apart from the very appealing visual effects that's what we're aiming for.

Once Beth is done letting Bella hang in anticipation she fully uncovers the tray, letting Bella catch a first glimpse at what will soon be used on her. I'm sure she knows what most of the 'instruments' are for, and I'm happy when instead of looking frightened Bella actually licks her lips.

Beth smirks up at her, then reaches for a black inflatable butt-plug, taking her time covering it with lube. My previous exploring has left Bella's sphincter spread enough that the plug slides into her with little resistance, although Beth plays a bit with Bella before she pushes the toy in fully. Bella squirms somewhat when she feels the plug extend inside of her as Beth pumps the small attached ball but doesn't give a sound, only her eyebrows knitting together.

Quickly exchanging the examination gloves for a fresh pair Beth then proceeds by rubbing Bella's labia down with disinfectant, and I can see that now Bella gets a little anxious. Even Beth's encouraging smile doesn't really calm her but she doesn't protest, only the muscles in her thighs show that she's tense as hell all of a sudden.

Her breath hitches again when Beth picks up the sleek stainless steel speculum and lubricates it before she turns back to her 'victim'. Bella squeals as the cool metal slides into her but she gradually relaxes again, even when Beth proceeds to open her up slowly. I'm sure that with the plug in her ass Bella must feel rather full but she clearly enjoys it, her spread labia as puffy and swollen as before. She still shivers when Beth uses more disinfectant to rub down her pussy again, but seems much more composed now, if a little resigned.

Then Beth reaches for her next prop, and Bella lets out a rather succinct,

"Fuck!" under her breath.

Beth arches her eyebrow while a mean smile spreads in her face.

"I guess that means you know what this is?"

She wriggles the still sealed object between her fingers.

"A Foley catheter," comes Bella's deflated sounding reply, before her gaze skims over to me. I can see her trying to make up her mind if she should use her safeword or not, but after a few seconds she catches her lower lip between her teeth and looks down again, a silent consent for Beth to go on.

Beth still waits before she has Bella's undivided attention again before she goes on.

"I know that you have your hard limit at watersports, but I'm not going to make you drink your own piss or something. You don't do scat, either, but still like to be fucked up your ass, right?"

Bella nods, then exhales forcefully, before her whole body goes slack. Her look when she regards Beth is somewhat challenging, though, on the verge of breaking role, and I for one won't forget that for later.

"I guess that's what you're going to do now? Fuck my peehole?" she hedges.

Beth smirks as she tears open the packaging, daintily extricating the long, plastic tube.

"Many women, and men, just so you know, greatly enjoy urethral stimulation. And if I'm not completely mistaken, you're not too averse to this."

Keeping the catheter in one hand she then runs a finger lightly over where the spread speculum gives ready access to Bella's urethral opening, in turn drawing a barely cut-off moan from the other woman. Clearly satisfied with the reaction she has just elicited Beth reaches for a plastic syringe filled with sterile, medicine grade lube, and inserts the soft plastic tip where her finger has been probing moments before.

Bella doesn't even tense up when she feels some of the lube entering her, while even more of the gelatinous substance leaks out to pool around the opening. Once she is satisfied with starting the prep work Beth adds even more lube to the catheter tube. Her motions are slow and very gentle as she starts inserting the catheter, taking her time as she pays attention to Bella's reactions.

Of course I can't be sure but Bella doesn't seem to feel much pain, if any at all, but she keeps squirming which hinders Beth's motions a little. I can tell when the plastic tube finally reaches her bladder as she utters a loud grunt, but Beth doesn't even stop for a moment. Getting a disposable bottle from the tray she pushes the other end of the catheter into it, then flips the switch that has kept any liquid contained inside the tube before.

A steep blush creeps over Bella's face and upper chest as the sound of her urine being expelled is the only thing audible inside the room except for her shallow breaths, but she doesn't even try to add any verbal protest. Only when Beth is done and with a quicker motion distracts the catheter Bella squeals, her cheeks even darker red when a few more drops trickle from the previously filled hole.

"Don't be such a prissy princess," Beth remarks dryly as she deposits the tube and closed bottle in the ready waste bin. Bella's head snaps up and she looks ready to balk, but when she meets Beth's gaze she thinks better of it. Closing her mouth again she lets her head loll back against the bench, while her eyes stare up at the ceiling.

I'm sure she still stealthily watches as Beth unzips the plastic case waiting on the tray, then dons fresh gloves once again before she retrieves one of the thinnest steel rods she has just unpacked. Holding the slightly curved rod up for Bella to examine, she goes on explaining while coating it with yet more of the sterile lube.

"This is called a sound. Never mind its intended use for urethral blockage therapy, I'm sure you'll soon be glad I've made sure that your bladder is comfortably empty of what you seem so embarrassed about."

Spreading the upper part of Bella's labia above the speculum she then starts to insert the sound into Bella's peehole, her motions now quick and short as she pushes the instrument in deeper, alternating with withdrawing it a little in turn. The sound she has chosen in one of the smallest, even thinner in diameter than the soft catheter tube has been, and Bella's discomfort should be mostly psychological, not physical. And sure enough she looks rather distressed before the sound is even halfway inserted, usually a sign that she doesn't want to admit that she likes something her mind keeps rejecting.

Beth is nothing if not persistent as she keeps fucking Bella gently with the steel rod, her motions slowly becoming surer and longer. After a while she withdraws the sound and places it back at the tray, smirking when she sees Bella's somewhat dismal expression.

"Oh, don't worry, I'm not done with you for quite some time."

Picking up the next larger sound she resumes her ministrations with yet more lube applied, and after another switch in instrument sizes starts to rub Bella's clit with her forefinger in sync with the motion of the intruding sound.

Before long simple pleasure overrules morals and decency, and ever so often low, guttural moans escape Bella's parted lips. The more she reacts and even starts to buck her hips slightly forward, the more Beth picks up speed and depth of every single motion, until Bella looks ready to come undone any moment now.

Only that then she makes a crucial mistake.

Instead of turning to me it is Beth who she pleads with to let her come, and Beth in turn halts what she is doing even before I utter a rather unfriendly


It takes her only a moment to realize her mishap but a glare from me makes her shut her mouth before a note of protest or apology can come out. I keep staring at Bella until she's nearly cringing in her restraints before I turn to Beth, silently asking her opinion on what she thinks is appropriate punishment that doesn't ruin our further plans right on the spot. She offers me a barely visible shrug, then her eyes dart to the case the still unused sounds are stored in.

"Do you like getting your peehole fucked?" I ask her, turning my tone deliberately crude.

Bella swallows as she nods, new color rising in her cheeks.

"Yes, Master."

"Do you want Beth to continue?"

"Yes, please!"

"Do you think you deserve to come?"

She hesitates at the question, conflict plain in her eyes. A moment of lip biting ensues, before she slowly nods, but her gaze is unsure.

"Yes, Master?"

I snort as I lean closer, then quickly twist her rubber band pinched nipple hard. Bella lets out a high keen before she gets a grip on herself, the sound of her ragged breath as she deals with the pain loud in the otherwise silent room.

"Yes, you what?"

Her eyes keep searching my face but I can see her relax already when she realizes that I don't intend to keep her from climaxing. I briefly wonder just how much she will curse herself for that assumption later, but of course don't let her know my devious thoughts.

"Yes, your needy cumslut deserves to come while being fucked in her peehole!"

Her breathy voice and obviously not fake enthusiasm make me laugh, and it's easy to grant her her plea – with one condition.

"I guess you do. If you manage to, that is," I point out cryptically, then go on as I turn to Beth. "But I think she can handle a thicker sound, how about two sizes up?"

"Certainly," Beth agrees, her tone very close to an evil purr as she's already reaching for the new instrument.

Bella's eyes are wide when I look back to her but she doesn't speak up, although she involuntarily cringes away when Beth is done lubing up the new sound. Something between a hiss and a whine leaves her lips once Beth starts pushing it into her slowly, but I trust Beth to know how far she can go without doing any damage at all.

Soon enough that assumption proves true when Bella's sounds of discomfort turn into more wanton exclamations of need, but it's clearly a challenge for her to actually let go and relax far enough to be able to climax. Thankfully we have time enough, and even when Bella finally comes I nod for Beth to continue. As much as I love tormenting Bella by keeping her from coming, watching her writhe in ongoing ecstasy is beautiful to behold. And it's not exactly as if that isn't a form of torment in itself anyhow.

Bella climaxes again with a long drawn cry before Beth stops her ministrations, a satisfied if evil smile on her face as she gets up from the chair and starts collecting her things. She leaves the speculum and butt plug in, though, as she steps away to make room for me.

I leave Bella some time to calm down before I kick away the chair and lean over her, making sure with a few light touches that the circulation in all her restricted body parts is still okay. She barely reacts except for a low groan when I shorten the lengths of rope that keep her legs spread and tied to the wall behind her, forcing her ass a little further off the bench. I might have to release her legs later if she's too tensed up, but for now I like her to stay just the way she is, all helpless and with her breasts straining against the rubber bands.

Slowly closing and extricating the speculum from her vagina is a rather wet process, and as usual Bella seems dismal about feeling so empty all of a sudden. I smile lopsidedly at her as I put on the white latex gloves before I slide three of my fingers into her hot, wet sex. Bella arches into the touch, her lips parted in a barely audible moan, and I feel her relax around me almost instantly.

I don't dawdle but pick up finger fucking her hard and fast, while I pinch her clit with my free hand. The sounds she emits make my cock hard, begging to be buried deep inside of her, but I do my best to will my erection away.

There will be ample time for that later, but right now I have something else in mind.

Something very close to a complaint leaves Bella when she feels the plug deflate once I open the valve, but at my pointed look she falls silent while I withdraw it. For a moment I consider fucking her ass right now to relieve some of the tension inside me, but I decide I can wait a little longer. She definitely approves of having my fingers back inside her cunt, and I take my time pushing her closer to the edge once more.

By the time I feel the walls of her pussy start to clench around me in the lightest of contractions I ease up a little, but just enough to let her calm down, not shake her out of her still prevalent orgasmic bliss. It's easy enough to tickle her g-spot, and soon Bella is humping back at me quite fervently. At least until I stop and withdraw my fingers once more to let her catch her breath.

There's still some lube left in the previously sterile syringe so I use that to coat my left hand up to my wrist. Bella is way to busy enjoying herself, her eyes half closed, so she doesn't notice right away what I'm doing. When I rub the remaining lube around her clit she rewards me with a downright wanton moan as she shuts her eyes for good.

Beth is watching us from somewhere to my side, and when I briefly look at her I see her shoulders shake with silent mirth.

Turning my attention back to Bella I slowly slide first two of my fingers back into her, then three. Her eyes close completely as she relaxes into my touch, a slight smile playing around the corners of her mouth. We usually don't use any lube for vaginal finger fucking as she's fortunately easily turned on, but it's obvious that she's enjoying it now.

Going even slower I add a forth finger, and I can feel her clench around me for a moment before she relaxes again. I'm sorely tempted to just go on and see how long it will take her to catch on, but I know that's a sure way to set myself up for disappointment.

"Bella, look at me."

Her eyes flutter open and she blinks twice before her eyes focus on me, her cheeks still slightly red from the exertion of climaxing. All the while I keep fucking her slowly, but once I'm sure I have her attention I start to go a little deeper while I spread my fingers a little more. Her teeth dig into her bottom lip when she stifles a sound, but from the way she keeps being relaxed I figure it's a moan.

"Do you like that, having four of my fingers inside of you?"

She nods, and when I cock my head to the side she adds a languid, "Yes, Master."

"How does it feel to you?"

My question confuses her for a moment, but she doesn't hesitate much before she replies.

"Uhm, really nice with the lube. So wet. Slick. Full. Awesome," she adds with a laugh. I return her smile warmly but apparently some of my devious glee seeps into it because all of a sudden I feel her tense and she seems a lot more alert. She doesn't ask why I want to know all that but I can see the question plain in her eyes, and for once I really want to see what's going on inside her head.

"Can you guess why I'm asking you that right now?"

More lip biting occurs, and for a few seconds her cunt is positively squeezing my fingers.

"You're not going to stop at just four fingers, I figure?"

My grin confirms her assumption, but I still do her the courtesy of answering.

"Not unless I have to."

The intensity of our locked gazes makes my skin crawl but in the best of ways, and after a moment she nods as she leans her head back against the bench. All the while I keep working my fingers deeper into her, until finally I stop to add my thumb, pressing it against my palm and in between the others.

Bella doesn't tense up but there's definitely some resistance, not that that's much of a problem. As excited as I am I force myself to go even slower, and to turn my motions more deliberate. She still goes rigid and makes a small sound, so I stop to let her adjust before I resume.

"You have no idea how long I've been dreaming about fisting you," I tell her, hoping that whatever blocks there are in her mind can be circumvented like that before they add to the physical barriers I have to overcome.

She seems a little surprised at my words, then clearly holds her reply back, something I really don't need right now.

"You're allowed to speak freely until we're done with this. In fact, I want you to tell me how whatever I'm doing to you makes you feel."

Her next exhale is a little strained but she nods, then looks away briefly.

"I feel kind of, well, pretty full already."

I smile encouragingly at her while I push in a little deeper, and after a moment I feel the resistance lessen and my hand slides in a little further, with just the hard part – my knuckles – still ahead of us.

"Care about being a little more specific?"

She shrugs, as much as she can restrained as she is, and I can tell she feels a little uncomfortable voicing her thoughts. Can't have that.

"I'm kind of, err, a little uneasy about the, uhm, implications ..."

"Straight talk, Bella, or I'm going to whip your ass bloody instead."

The brief reminder that we're still in our roles seems to work wonders, because the hesitant stutter leaves her voice. And for now I decide not to act on the stubborn set of her jaw.

"I'm afraid I'm either too tight now, or not tight enough anymore afterwards."

I can tell that both admissions cost her dearly and some of her previous blush is back, but the defiance in her gaze is easily recognizable for insecurity now. For a moment I feel like barking at her for coming up with such a nonsense, but I know that will only get her to use her safeword, and we'll be locked in a hell of a fight later. I hate to see her worry about anything concerning her body, and even more when she thinks she's not good enough for me in any way.

Easing up a little at first I gently push against her muscles, but she's starting to cramp for good, so I withdraw my hand completely and instead return to fucking her with just three fingers. Bella seems confused at first, and I barely hold back a harsh laugh.

"What, do you really think I'm going to force this just to prove a point?"

It's not my intention but my words clearly wound her, and with a sigh I try to backtrack to before the point where my own resentments got the better of me.

"Bella, listen to me. If you don't want me to fistfuck you, I'm not going to.

But I know that you love the sensation of being full, that you love being stretched, it's just a logical next step. You don't need to have born any children to be able to take my whole hand inside, nor will doing so stretch you permanently. Your vagina, like your anus, is mostly muscles, and muscles can stretch and accommodate when you want them to, but they can also clench down hard as well. When you're not ready I don't comfortably get a finger into your ass, either, but a little time and I can fuck you with my cock without you feeling like I'm tearing you apart. It's not that much different than that."

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