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I admire the sight, then walk around to where she can see me, smirking down at her. Her eyes are open wide and she's swallowing repeatedly, unease knitting her brows together. When she sees me her gaze turns pleading but no sound escapes her, at least until I playfully pluck on the rope, jarring the inside of her ass. I love the strangled cry she lets out, her discomfort so evident.

"Felt that, did you?" I taunt, then pluck at the rope once more to underline my words. She squirms in response but remains silent, only at a much harder slap on her ass opens her mouth again.

"Yes, Master."

I give a curt nod, then pick up the crop again. Bella yelps when I don't hit her ass but bring it underneath her body, whacking the front of her thighs and the underside of her breasts. She intuitively arches her back to escape the assault, which in turn adds a lot of pressure on her hair and the steel hook in her ass. Seeing her struggle to find a middle way highly amuses me, and I decide to make it even worse for her.

Bella's eyes flutter shut when she feels my hands on her breasts, and she doesn't even flinch when I pinch her nipples after pulling the sheer top down so that her tits are hanging free now. Then she feels the bite of the nipple clamps in her puckered up flesh, and for a moment I see her grin at the wall in front of her - I think my girl just caught on to my devious plan of distracting her. Then she lets herself be swept away by the small wave of pain, and her eyes are open, pleading for mercy.

Which I'm disinclined to grant, of course.

Turning to our audience, I slap Bella playfully on her inviting ass cheek, the impact charring her enough to groan softly, before I decide to add insult to injury.

"Your ass is still sore from yesterday, isn't it?"

After a brief moment of silence that I ignore for now comes her answer.

"Yes, Master."

"And why is it sore?"

"Because you spanked me, Master."

"Only spanked you?"

A loud hiss follows as I slap her again, harder this time, but she's quick to answer now.

"You had to punish me, Master."

"What did you do?"

I glance down at her face, seeing a steep blush spread all over her cheeks, but I don't even consider relenting.

"I tried to manipulate you."

Of course no one thinks that's outrageous - but Bella still cringes while forming the words, the movement, subtle as it is, once again pulling on the hook.

"You did. And what was the first thing you did when we got here?"

Her intake of breath is loud, and the way she starts to blink furiously I wonder for a moment if she's crying with shame. Her voice is steady, though, when she answers.

"I was disrespectful and rude, Master. You said you would punish me again now."

I nod, even though I know she can't see it.

"Punish you how?"

"Twenty with whatever you decide, Master."

I'm a little exasperated when I see some of the resident Doms smirk at the low number, but I count on Bella to prove them wrong with her next reply.

"I feel gracious right now, I'll let you chose the implement. What do you say?"

She hesitates, or maybe she just needs a few moments to find the mental strength to answer.

"The cane, please."

Charlotte cringes where she and Peter are standing together with Patty and Angelo, and I see a few choice looks getting exchanged. I'm quite satisfied with Bella's answer and rub her ass reassuringly.

Bella inadvertently tenses up when she hears me go for the toy bag again, but this time it's her usual reaction, not the deer caught in the headlights fright from before. Her cheeks are still a deep red color that I hope will copy well to her hindquarters - but that's my job, after all.

I pick up the medium thick polymer fiber cane I've packed, and briefly weigh it in my hand to get a better feel for it.

"Warm-up first," I inform the dear victim of my undivided attention, then rain a few strokes down across the fleshiest part of my ass before I let my aim wander. My cock gets uncomfortably hard while I see her react to each and every hit, wriggling as little as she can while a sweet cacophony of groans, hisses and gasps leaves her. Knowing her the intrusion in her ass, though constant, is soon the least of her problems, and as I increase the force behind my strokes, so does the volume of her involuntary utterances.

Even though it's not part of her punishment I also pay attention to her soft tits, making them jiggle enticingly. I see her hands ball into fists, then open and close fast to bleed off some of the tension, but I keep going until she pretty much yelps continuously. The strokes are too soft to leave marks but I'm sure her tits hurt like hell now.

When I finally turn my attention back to her ass I glance into the audience, quite satisfied to see most of the condescension from before gone. Yes, Bella is new to the scene compared to most of them, but she knows how to take what I dish out. For a moment I wish she could see how Raven has gone all pale in the face, but then figure Bella will prefer having this behind her rather than a spark of superfluious satisfaction now.

I want to make the twenty strokes count without completely unbalancing her, so instead of going right for it I rub my fingers between her slick labia, then thrust three of them hard into her cunt. Her back arches and I can actually feel the hook through the wall of her pussy. There is nothing gentle about what I'm doing but I feel her push back at me almost instantly, grasping for any kind of pleasure she can get like a drowning woman going for the proverbial straw. I'm sure she's very aware just how her display of open wantonness must seem to everyone but the fact that she still does it makes my cock grow even harder.

The sloppy sound of my fingers finally withdrawing seems loud to me, and I make a show of wiping them clean on her already red ass. Then I switch the cane into my left hand, figuring it's just as well that literally the hand that has just given her pleasure will now deal her pain.

"Count, out loud."

I barely wait until my words have registered, then bring the cane down hard five times, making it impossible for her to obey. Her loud sob is heart-wrenching, but when I slow down her surprisingly strong voice quickly picks up counting.

"One, Master! Two, Master!" and so on, and when I stop for a moment at ten she actually adds a much weaker, "thank you for punishing me!" that nearly warms my heart. I still don't leave her much time to catch her breath, and have the joy of administering the hardest three hits twice. I'm sure at least two of them will bruise, which is as much a reason for me to rejoice as the face that even with difficulty she hasn't faltered. I'm proud of her, and I know several of the people in the audience envy me now, either way.

While clearly relieved that her punishment is over, Bella doesn't look very happy. Tears and snot stain her face, and a few violent shudders rake her while she tries to calm down again. Picking up a tissue I take care of the mess around her nose and on her cheeks, her smudged makeup only adding to the appeal.

Now on to the fun part.

Remaining in front of her I look down at her until she tilts her head back further, her wide, somewhat clouded eyes staring up at me. I stroke her cheek softly, then let my smile turn wry.

"Don't you want to thank me?"

I see her swallow, probably in anticipation of more pain to come, but she's quick to answer, her voice slightly hoarse.

"Thank you for punishing me, Master. Thank you for putting up with me."

I see a few grins appear in the audience at the last part, convinced they'd more than gladly 'put up' with her, but I don't let her see my obvious satisfaction.

"I meant thank me properly."

She blinks a little stupidly, then her eyes zero in on the bulge at my crotch.

"Please let me suck your cock so I can show you my gratitude?"

"As you asked so sweetly, how can I decline?" I tease, then unzip my pants and carefully extract my hard dick and aching balls without shoving the leather down any farther. It's a little uncomfortable but with luck that will just make me last longer, and I forget quickly when Bella's lips wrap tightly around my erection.

I let her do all the work, simply because that means she is fucking herself with the hook with every motion of her head, and let myself enjoy the divine sensation of her mouth working on me. The sight of her bright red ass beyond the tight corset is nearly too much for me, so after a minute I do my best to shut the assault on my pleasure center out as much as I'm able to.

Without a word to tip Bella off too soon I catch Peter's gaze, then nod at him to invite him over. I think that Bella would have remained oblivious even if he'd stomped over, but he's silent as he bends down over the wide open bag and selects one of the toys I've stealthily set up there. I'm not surprised that he chooses a blue dildo instead of one of the impact toys -

after all he's been in the game long enough to know that distracted by pain as she already is, more of the same would just douse Bella's need instead of fan it on.

Even without looking I can tell the exact moment he slides it into her dripping cunt as Bella goes very still. Her eyes are the first thing that moves, rolling up until she's looking into my face. Surprise is painted on her flushed face but her gaze is heavy, loaded, full of lust and, I'm glad to realize, appreciation.

I'm certain I know where her mind is right now - back in the kitchen of my old house. I know she doesn't regret a thing - and I'm surprised to realize, neither do I. Talk about sexual healing.

Dragging my thoughts back to the here and now I gently but insistingly push my hips forward to nudge Bella into action again, and without hesitation she resumes sucking me off. Peter meanwhile fucks her slowly with the dildo while his free hand is rubbing her burning ass, no doubt taking a little of the sting away. Soon he steps away from her again, leaving the toy deep inside of her, and he nods his thanks at me as he resumes his previous place at his wife's side.

One after the other the people I've talked to before come over to us, taking their turn having a little fun with my helpless sub. She squirms her way through whatever they dish out, be it a few slaps over her swollen pussy lips or a minute of thorough fucking with one toy or another, and while the angry red on her ass slowly fades, her cheeks remain a deep scarlet. She still moans and pushes back at whatever is done to her. I'm nearly glad when her efforts to make me orgasm decrease rapidly as the minutes pass, leaving me with just enough stamina for the end.

Beth is the last to join me on the dais, her lips curled into a radiant smile.

Still looking at me she steps close to Bella's ass, then leans over her, grabbing her tits for a moment before she starts talking in a low voice, more or less for Bella's ears only.

"You are a very beautiful and graceful woman, Bella."

She stops, the moment of silence interrupted by Bella's loud mewl caused by Beth taking the clamp off her left nipple.

"You are a wonderful submissive, and I'm certain Edward appreciates you with every fiber of his being."

The other clamps comes off, and being prepared Bella only stiffens, her shoulders shaking for a few seconds. Looking up at me Beth keeps smiling while her fingers roll Bella's aching nipples deftly, causing her to emit a low cadence of moans.

Then Beth straightens and takes a step away, and I can see Bella already relax, oblivious of Beth bending down to take the cane into her hand. At her brief nod I step away, letting my wet cock slide from between Bella's lips, but keeping my hands on her shoulders.

There is no warning, and I'm sure Beth hits her completely unawares.

Bringing the care down hard across the soles of Bella's feet five times Beth concludes the small impromptu rituall- I like to think of it as Bella's initiation into our circle. I would never have let anyone really play with her without asking her consent, but I know, eventually she'll thank me - but probably not for the next few days.

Beth is quick enough that Bella is still gasping for breath when she drops the cane back into the bag.

"Welcome," she states, smirking, the last syllable drowned out when my poor girl finally gets enough air into her lungs to let out an ear splitting scream that slowly gives way to a rather emphatic string of obscenities, her toes curling up in a senseless attempt to protect her feet.

I cock one eyebrow at Beth, not exactly surprised that she went there but feeling like I have to ask. She shrugs nonchalantly, meeting my gaze head-on.

"It wasn't on her hard limits, so there."

Shaking my head at her quoting my previous defense back at me I dismiss her and turn back to my still cursing, writhing girl, and quickly shove my cock deep into her cunt. Bella shuts up immediately with a low keening sound, the muscles of her pussy squeezing me hard.

And then I'm fucking her, hard, fast, without pretense of it being anything else than just that. I'm highly amused to see that she's actually lowering her head, forcing the hook in her ass deeper into her while I pound into her other hole.

Even before I can reach my climax Bella starts to beg me to let her come, her words so jumbled that I don't really understand them, but the meaning is clear. Slapping her ass hard twice I tell her to wait until I finish, but as that actually happens no five thrusts later it's kind of redundant.

I let myself sag down against her quivering, bucking body, keeping her pinned with my weight alone while my lips hungrily cover the sweet spot on her neck. I wrap my arms around her and hold her until she starts coming down from her high, then continue to calm her down by whispering sweet nothings into her ear. I'm so fucking proud of her my chest feels ready to burst, and I smile when I hear her laugh softly.

Once I'm sure she won't fall right off the bench when I let go of her I move away and with gentle motions loosen the rope entangled in her hair so I can extract the hook without causing her any more discomfort. Bella remains slumped on her bench even after I have unbuckled the cuffs, reduced to a sweaty, hurting, but altogether satisfied mess. I leave her kneeling there while I keep stroking her back above the corset, smiling at and thanking everyone for the compliments we both get from the slowly dispersing audience. Seeing Raven turn away with a shudder I'm sure that issue has finally resolved itself, too.

Eventually Bella pushes herself into a more upright position and I help her off the bench, holding her close while she stretches her stiff legs, her stance uneasy as she keeps shifting her weight from one hurting foot to the next. I know her ass must be a lot worse so I pay attention not to touch it unless I have to when I lead her down from the dais. Beth is already waiting with a cup of hot chocolate at the playroom door, making Bella laugh. I leave her in Beth's care while I quickly clean up and pack up all my stuff, then join my exhausted but still smiling sub outside where she has taken residence on one of the easy chairs.

Although her knees must be aching she is happy to straddle me when I pick her up to sit down underneath her, leaving her ass exposed so I can run my hands over her hot skin. Bella groans but still leans into my touch, while her nails bite into my naked shoulders.

"I guess I can leave you two lovebirds here unattended?" Beth chimes in, then stays until Bella has not only nodded but assured her that she's okay.

Her voice is still a little shaky, but I'm happy to see that she's taking everything more or less in stride.

I'm burning to ask her about our scene but force myself to stay silent as long as she doesn't breach the subject, instead offering her all the physical comfort I'm able to. It's still amusing to observe that she has apparently lost her previous jumpiness caused by being naked, definitely a good thing.

"Have I told you of late that I love you for being such a mean bastard?" she finally speaks up, painting a broad grin onto my face.

"Can't say that often enough."

She laughs as I kiss her softly, letting that be my reassurance in turn. Bella seems unfamiliarly needy but maybe that's just because normally we would be laying in bed together, while now people are chatting all around us. Not that I protest, if she'd let me I would be all over her all the time.

When she pulls away for good and comes to her feet she gingerly rubs her ass, then tries to twist and turn to get a good look at her aching behind.

There's no reproach in her eyes when she turns back to me, a playful grin lighting her face up.

"You know, you're all worse than any fraternity in the whole country when it comes to joining! Shit, I'm just happy you didn't tell me you had something like that planned or I don't think I would have shown up here today."

I chuckle under my breath, then clasp her hand in mine, following her when she draws me closer to the playroom doors.

"That's all part of it, trust me."

"So everyone goes through something like that?"

I shake my head, laughing.

"No, only those who know the wrong people. Or right, however you view it."

She rolls her eyes at me, then lets me gather her close for a long kiss.

Never letting go of my hand she leads me back into the playroom, her previous anxiety clearly replaced by curiosity.

We stay for another two hours or so, spending some time watching others play and chatting the rest of the early afternoon away. When we finally leave it's only after our mutual promise to call Beth next week, then she releases us back into the drab 'normal' world.

Back at home I run us a warm bath and spend the rest of the evening doting on Bella, to the point where she starts laughing at me whenever I ask her if she needs something. We retire to bed early to spend what feels like wonderful hours slowly making love, and I'm surprised that not once Bella takes the initiative from me. Usually after a really intense scene she's displaying a more dominant behavior, as if to take back some of the ground she has lost during play. Not so today, and I presume she's still partly soaring in sub space, content to just let me sweep her away.

I'm already about to drift off when I feel her stir next to me, and when I force my eyes to open again I find her gnawing on her lip.

"Something you want to tell me?" I gently nudge her.

She shrugs.

"More ask than tell. Although I have to admit that after today I'm more afraid to say this than I was in the morning."

"What about?"

She looks away for a moment, but when her gaze returns to mine it is heavy with lust and anticipation.

"I want to play again with you and Beth. I want you both to dominate me.

And I don't want to have more than the slightest clue of what you're going to do to me, but I hope you'll do a good job pushing my limits."

I just look at her for a moment, wondering if I've already fallen asleep and am just dreaming this, but then I realize that it's actually happening. Bella offering herself on a silver platter, asking me to do with her pretty much whatever I please, and expecting it to be a long shot from the slow progress we've been making over the past months.

I don't really need to think about my answer but still take a few more moments giving it, simply to show her how much I value her trust.

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