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Her brows are knit but I know that look on her face well enough, she's not quite sure if it's pain or pleasure that's at the front of her mind, and that's good enough for me. Quickly adding six more clothespins, three on each side, I complete my plan, and immediately return to rubbing her clit with my thumb.

This time it takes longer for her to relax, and I know that by now the clothespins on her breasts, particularly her nipples, must cause a dull, throbbing sensation, bordering on light pain. Trying to be as gentle as possible I spread the neat rows of clothespins on her labia with my thumb and forefinger, then tease her clit first with my tongue, then the vibrator again. She clearly likes that, more and louder moans coming from behind the gag, and after I'm sure she's well on her way to coming again – I stop.

What can I say, I'm a bastard.

Bella rears her head up and cries in frustration, and I have to bite my lip hard not to laugh. Only this time she doesn't leave it at that, but a whole string of grunts and muffled expletives follows, making the moment even more delightful for me. As much as I love fucking her, this is even more rewarding, as is the fact that she can do absolutely nothing to gain the satisfaction she so craves.

While I would love to keep this up, I know that my time window for making it right in the end will be closing soon, so I hurry on while she's still too agitated to really listen to what's going on. My jeans and boxers are discarded easily enough, and the cool air feels great on my straining hard cock. I hesitate for a moment, but she's so wet that I know that she can take just a little more pain before it tips the balance the wrong way, and reach for the duct tape.

Bella's tantrum is cut short when she hears the telltale sound of the tape tearing, and she cocks her head in wonder. Then she whimpers again when I slowly push the four clothespins on the left side of her pussy towards her thigh, fixing them to stay in place with the tape, following up with the same procedure on her other leg. The strain and bite of the clothespins gets heightened by that, but I need them out of the way – and she doesn't know yet how much she'll feel that in a minute or two.

Finally done with toying with her I crouch down and attack her clit with my lips and tongue while I push two fingers inside her at the same time. If she could she would be arching her back now, but even so her needy cry tells me that she definitely enjoys the attention. It only takes a few licks and she's trembling, not quite ready to come again but close.

Straightening up I grab my cock as I step up to the island and run the head up and down between her spread and clamped pussy lips, before I slowly push into her while I keep rubbing her clit with my thumb. I feel her cunt contracting around me although she's not coming yet, but instead fighting the unexpected new pain radiating from the lower clothespins. But she's taking it well, only sobs once before the sound turns into a satisfied moan when she feels me fully sheathed inside her. It's fucking hard not to come right there for me as there's a lot of tension in her pussy, and seeing her give in to the pain and actually enjoy it always rattles my restraints.

I withdraw as slowly as I've entered her, about the only thing I can do to keep myself from coming, and she answers with a breathy moan that grows louder when I push back in. My cock is throbbing with the exertion of not taking her fast and hard, but I force myself to keep it slow, increasing the rhythm and depth of my thrusts steadily but at a leisurely pace. Before long I switch my thumb for the vibrator, and Bella's cries become louder as the steady buzz on her clit is driving her wild.

She is so beautiful underneath me, crying and moaning as her plastic covered tits sway in time with my thrusts. One after the other I pick off the clothespins until only those on her nipples and pussy lips remain, the angry red marks quickly fading as I know the inflicted discomfort must me. I don't know if she even realizes what's going on, her head dug deep into the pillow and all kinds of needy sounds coming from her.

That changes when I take off the clothespin from her right nipple, a gasp of pain sounding between two moans. Bending over her I catch the hurting nipple with my lips and tease it with my tongue, then suck on it gently. She answers with an approving keen and I keep it up until I'm sure the worst sting is gone, then repeat the same on the other side. She nearly comes with this spike of pain, and once I'm done I turn the vibrator on high.

This finally does the trick, and Bella comes undone with a silent scream, her mouth open around the gag before she bites into it hard. First she goes rigid and I feel her pussy clamp down on my cock, before she dissolves in convulsive shivers all over. I quickly remove the vibrator but keep fucking her, drawing out her pleasure for what is probably close to two minutes. I get a little lost in her wonderful gasps and pants, and only when she's done do I realize that I haven't come with her.

I nevertheless feel the weariness in my muscles and the temptation to collapse on her is strong, but I force my head to clear and pull away, the wet sound of my cock leaving her pussy oddly comical. Three of the clothespins have come detached from her pussy and I slowly take the others off, making her whimper with the pain of the blood rushing back, but it can't be too bad as she doesn't even raise her head.

Once the duct tape is gone I kneel own before her and kiss her tormented pussy lips, gently massaging them with my fingers. When I'm sure she has come down from her orgasm I begin tonguing her clit again while I keep stroking and rubbing her aching pussy, getting rewarded with soft, thoroughly pleased sighs.

Undoing her bonds is a lot faster than tying her up, and before long I can gather my completely spent Bella in my arms, only removing the gag and blindfold after I've hugged her against my chest. Even the dimmed light makes her blink and she grimaces and works her jaw for the better part of a minute, ignoring my silent amusement stoically. I meanwhile stroke her back and kiss her shoulder, and I'm just incredibly happy to hold her.

"That was

damnit, you're such a mean bastard!" are the first coherent words she finally mumbles into my chest, making me laugh almost instantly.

"Yes, I am," I agree good-naturedly, grinning even wider when she thumps my thigh in vexation.

"Seriously! I lost my count, but you had me so close like five times, and always you stopped! By the end I'd nearly given up hope that you would let me come at all!"

I can't help it, I have to keep on grinning, my ego's just been stroked too much to let me tune it down.

"Now that would be plain evil. I told you I would let you come if you'd just put enough effort into showing me that you were enjoying yourself."

"Enjoying myself, my ass," she grumbles into my chest, then hugs me closer as she rearranges herself until she's straddling me. Bella's trying to regard me sternly as she finally faces me, but she's still flushed from coming so hard, and generally looking like the cat who just finished licking up the cream. Even though she tries to fight it, her lips curve into a smile when our gazes meet, and I pull her closer for a long, gentle kiss that she joins readily.

"I love you," I murmur against her lips before I gather her even closer while continuing to ravish her mouth. My voice is so laden with emotion that I know she must be wondering what's going on, but her tongue is eager against mine, as are her fingers combing through my sweat-slicked hair.

She's rocking against me unconsciously, and for a moment I wish I could will my hard-on away that's intruding on this tender moment, but then her hand is there, and the next moment she is guiding me inside of her, a warm and wet welcome. I feel her shake with silent laughter when I emit a low groan, before she leans back onto the marble and draws me on top of her.

"As much as I'd love to ride you into oblivion for what you just did to me, I have to let you take over again, my thighs are just too knotted up from that constant tensing, and then more tensing when I still can't come, and then -"

I cut off her chuckled diatribe with a hungry kiss, and grabbing her ass to tilt her pelvis the right way, make do happily with her instruction. I come fast once I feel her sharp nails dig into my back, and Bella happily hugs me hard once I'm spent, so close that I should be feeling her heartbeat through her skin.

Once I regain my strength I slide off the kitchen island, drawing her along with me, and when she still doesn't let go I pull her legs up around my hips and carry her up into the bedroom this way, the heavy mood from earlier quickly dispensing between my weary stumbling and her laughing at it. I try to get back at her for that in an attempt to tickle her while I wash her body, but she's a lot faster to recuperate than I am, and in the end it's me who is pinned against the tile floor, begging breathlessly for mercy while she's kneeling over me. Satisfied with having had her revenge Bella finally lets me get up, and before long we both tumble into our bed, too lazy to clean up the mess downstairs.

I find myself smiling at her contently as she draws the blankets up around us, but instead of snuggling into my body so I can spoon her, she mirrors my position, regarding me with those expressive, brown eyes.

"You're happy," she finally observes, sounding just the same herself.

"I am," I agree. "Why shouldn't I be, I have a wonderful woman at my side who lets me do all kind of perverted and devious things to her and loves me for just being who I am."

Her smile brightens and she shimmies closer, a gentle hand cradling my cheek. I briefly turn my face into her caress and kiss her palm, before I look into her eyes again.

"I'm glad you finally realized that."

Her words make me pause for a moment, then I offer her a sheepish smile.

"Am I that obvious?"

Bella shakes her head and laughs, then comes even closer until she straddles me again, but this time only to lie down on my chest and prop her chin up on her hands there so she can stare me right in the face from up close.

"Not really. For a long time you've been a huge mystery to me that only got darker and larger after that one faithful Sunday afternoon when I did the scariest thing in my life and came over to your house in just a shirt, skirt, and shoes. But the more I know the real you, the easier it's getting to see through all the layers of pretense and defensive mechanisms, and once you let me in, you're not really that much of a mystery anymore."

"Damn, and there I thought I did such a good job at deceiving you," I joke, but her light smile makes me go serious instantly again. "Thank you. For putting up with me through all this. And still loving me."

Her kiss is soft and gentle, and now it's her eyes that are brimming over with emotion.

"You know that I will always love you, Edward. I love you because you are you, and not someone else. You don't need to be anybody else, just you. I only want the real you."

My throat is suddenly tight and I feel the lump in my chest trying to overwhelm me, so I quickly kiss her deeply until the pain goes away, and I can breathe again. Her gentle touches still speak of her knowing exactly how close to crying I've just been, but she lets me get away with it uncommented.

"I just wonder what made you finally realize that. I mean our talk last weekend has been important, I know that, but I somehow don't think it was that much of a revelation for you as it for me."

I'm happy when she lets me tug her against my side so she doesn't keep staring right into my face, although I don't really have anything to hide; the scrutiny just makes me a little leery.

"I don't really know," I start, then bite my lip because I do know, and should know better than lie to Bella now. So I sigh, and spill my guts.

"I happened to listen in to a conversation between Jazz and Charlie today -


"You mean you eavesdropped," she chides me softly, grinning.

A dramatic sigh, but I nod.

"Yes, I eavesdropped on them, but only with the best of intentions. Which was, mostly, to get a head start should Jazz divulge any details that might send you dad running for his shotgun to end my miserable existence."

Her laughter tickles the side of my neck, and I have to admit, it's quite infectious.

"He'd never do something like that."

"Oh, I'm sure Charlie would do worse than just shoot me if he knew what we've just done in the kitchen."

Bella chuckles and hides her face in my arm pit for a moment before she goes on.

"No, I meant Jazz. It's simple self-preservation that he keeps his trap shut, as he's mired in this nearly as much as we are. Maybe even more when it comes to the 'Die, scum, you broke my little girl's heart!' thing. After all, you are too nice a guy to pull such a stunt on your own."

"Too nice, eh?" I ask flatly, but her smile stays as warm as before.

"Edward, whatever you did, and for what insane reasons or lack thereof, I know pretty well who's responsible for what happened. I know that you weren't actively trying to go behind my back, I know that you'd never deceive me. Your fault was to trust your closest friend, and quite frankly, if I hadn't been so upset and insecure I would have reacted a whole lot differently. And I'm ashamed that it took our fight last week to make me realize that I've let you take too much blame for too long. As I said, you're a good guy, maybe too good for this world sometimes."

I probably should be happy about her words, but they only make me angry.

"Wait, now you're switching from blindly defending him to even more blindly defending me?"

"I'm not, I just wanted to -"

I interrupt her surprised gasp quickly before she can elaborate.

"Don't. Just, don't. I know what I did, and trust me when I tell you that I'm so not proud of my actions. But it doesn't help anyone to twist the truth long enough until it's a lie all over again. I cheated on you, and even if it was just a kiss and some groping and I'm sure it wouldn't have been more, I still shouldn't have done any of those things. And you forgave me, because you're a better person than I am, and you love me, and you know how much I love you, and we both agreed to move on, consider it as a thing of the past and a warning for me to better not fuck it up again, because this is my second chance, and the only one I ever want and will ever need.

Nothing more."

My words stun her, maybe even hurt her, but I need to stress my point, even if I end up offending her.

"Edward, that's not what I meant. I agree with you, and I'm glad we both see it the same way. What I wanted to say, and what I would have said if you would let me speak, is that just because the trust you put in someone once was betrayed while you inevitably did the same to me, doesn't mean that you can't trust anyone anymore, or can't be trusted in turn. Can we agree on that, too?"

Her somewhat acidic tone makes my affirmative answer more of a grunt than a "yes", and she sharply nods in acknowledgement.

"Very well. So can I in turn presume that your attempt at stealthiness this afternoon somehow kindled the spark of that realization that you then had to follow up on by driving me insane on your latest, and let me assure you very appreciated, control trip?"

Bella's tone stays as clipped as before but she has a hard time trying not to grin, and my repeated grunt has lost most of its grumpiness also.

"Awesome! Now that that's out of the way, may I presume that we're one step closer in mending all the hurts and ouchies that plague your mystery of a soul?"

"I guess we are," I concede, then draw her down to me and kiss her, thanking her that way while she keeps laughing whenever I let her come up for air.

"And," she pants as she rears back, grinning down at me. "May I presume that you know that I had a great time following your request of being more vocal?" she moans out the word while her eyes sparkle with mirth. I nod, answering her smile with one of my own.

"And may I presume that those nasty contraptions that hide their true purpose by pretending to be clothespins will make a repeat appearance some time in the future?"

"Only if you ask me very nicely to use them again."

Her radiant smile is answer enough, although the following chuckle bodes well, too.

"You know, I was really uneasy about them when you talked me into agreeing to let you use them. I even kind of expected you to hold me to that promise the moment you blindfolded me today. And when you had them on my pussy lips and pushed into me, I very much hated you, for a second or two. But then that distinction between pain and pleasure became really blurred, and I kind of stopped caring which of both was the predominant sensation, and I guess the fact that I came for like forever tells you just how much I enjoyed them in the end. Although you kissing the pain away afterwards was really very sweet, and felt so incredible that I think I'd want to try that again even if I hadn't liked the pinch at all."

Smiling, I kiss her nose. "You're so very welcome, my love."

"I was a little surprised that you did that. With the nipple clamps before I always had the feeling that you were just sucking on them afterwards to draw out my discomfort a little longer, but today you kept going quite a while beyond that, letting me enjoy the sensation fully."

Her admission is definitely news to me, and for a moment I feel a little chagrin. I should probably have asked her before just how she feels about the clamps and my attempts to soothe her aching nipples afterwards, but I kind of always assumed that her arching her back and moaning loudly was a good thing only. Not that it's a huge deal, and I'm sure she would have spoken up if she'd been really uncomfortable, but it's a good reminder for me not to take anything for granted.

Following the impulse to make my own shortcoming up to her I reach for her breast and gently stroke my thumb over her nipple twice. Bella's lids flutter closed and a sigh escapes her, enticing me to lean down and capture her other nipple with my lips, letting my tongue do the same as my finger.

"Yes, like that," she moans, and I stop only for a second to glance up at her in surprise before I go on, slightly intensifying my sucking.

"Why are you looking at me so strangely?"

Giving both of her nipples a last, wet kiss I lie down again, my face right next to hers.

"Just a little surprised to hear you say something like that."

Of course that makes her blush but she doesn't look away, although she catches her lip between her teeth in a somewhat defiant way.

"You said you wanted me to speak up more, so here you are, this is me being more vocal! Any objections?"

"None at all. I'm sure I'll get used to it soon enough."

She grins as I draw her closer for a kiss. "Good boy."

That makes me stop with my mouth inches from hers, and I playfully nip at her chin instead of kissing her. "Someone's getting cocky, eh?"

Her throaty laugh is neither admission nor negation, and all the more answer for that.

"Don't you remember the other scene we've been talking about? The one where you get to be begging me for release on your knees while I have my revenge on you for all the times you kept me hanging?"

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